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Report # 1256  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Gerald Chenard on Thursday, December 4, 1997.
Witness observers 6 foot, shaggy, dark brown creature off Richardson Hwy
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YEAR: 1964


MONTH: September

DATE: Early in the month

STATE: Alaska

COUNTY: Fairbanks County

LOCATION DETAILS: This incident occurred back in 1964, and I have not been able to put it out of my mind. It occurred on a small dirt road which was about 35 miles south of Fairbanks AK. This dirt road was directly off the RICHARDSON HIGHWAY. Heading south you take a left off the highway and this road led to an old camp near a small pond which was about two miles in.

OBSERVED: Something that I would not believe unless I saw it just stepped up about 30 feet in front of me stared at me kind of grunted and walked into the woods real quietly . I did have a rifle and a handgun on me because I was out hunting but for some reason I DIDN'T FEEL THREATENED. Although I did turn around and headed back to my car often glancing over my shoulder . I did hear some cracking branches on several occasions and I heard a few low to high tones coming from the direction that the really tall at least 6 feet and shaggy dark brown thing went and what made me walk a little faster was that some of those sounds were answered from the other side of the road .other than that no further sighting and or hearing took place the year

ALSO NOTICED: I believe I covered that in my earlier statement


ENVIRONMENT: The type of terrain was land was smooth and gently rolling type of vegetation was fairly dense pine and some birch forest. As I stated earlier there was an old abandoned camp and a small pond in the area other than that there was nothing else that was outstanding I dont know IF YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH THE WOODS UP THERE IN AK near Fairbanks but at times they resemble the stunted trees near a tree line in the mountains an on occasion there are glorious stands of birch an really large pine this incident occurred in the e stunted growth range nothing much over 15 feet an somewhat scraggy looking pine.

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