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Report # 11966  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, June 24, 2005.
Ginseng hunters have daytime sighting near Blaine.
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YEAR: 2003-2004

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Lawrence County



OBSERVED: A few years ago.Me and my wife was going ginseng hunting.Back in the woods behind our home.It was starting to get warm out the sun was up.We started over the hill top.And the under brush started to get thicker.but we went wife started looking down in this wash out (ditch) I was going along the top of this wash out.(the wash out or ditch mind you was about 12 foot deep and about 20 wide and goes all the way down this hill about 300 feet)We were just going along looking.I heard some noises coming from across the ditch.about 20 to 30 feet away.I tought it might have been a deer or something .I kept on looking in the way the noise was coming.The noise was trees and brush slapping togehter.I seen some brush moving around.then it stop.I was looking trying to see what was making the noises.thats when it came into my view.there was.this thing with redish brown hair.alover at least the parts I seen.I only seen from the chest up.I was only 20 - 30 feet away from it I could see its dark eyes,face,everything.It looked like a man to me.My wife was still down in the wash out.I could see her.I watch this thing.look down at her then back at me.I had a loaded.22 rifle with me but I could not bring the gun up.It watch us for a few minutes.then I got up enough nerve.To tell my wife to head back up the hill.We was only there about 20 minutes she ask me why are we leaving so fast?.I told her to just get up the hill.But go slow .I didnt know if it would come after us.If we took off running.I watched as she went up the hill.I was walking backwards.Trying to see where it was.and what is was doing.i seen its chest thru the brush As we headed up the hill.thats when my wife seen it to.She started to run.But I got her to stop.We made it home.We have had dogs missing.Only to find them later on tore apart.There insides tore out.This pass deer season (2004).I was back behind my house.hunting I started up the hill.across from where I and my wife seen (Bigfoot).I had a big rock me .The rock hit in the top of a big tree.I watched it the tree.and hit the ground .I put up my gun looking thru my scope I couldnt seen anything.It was cold on this day

ALSO NOTICED: the place stunk.Inbetween a skunk and a wet dog.I came home and drew a picture of what we seen


OTHER STORIES: Yes across the creek.there is a big field.then you have RT 201 which runs north and south.there was this old man that was coon hunting and as he drove south on 201 he seen something run across the road .He said it was upright on two legs.running like a man covered with hair.He refuse to go hunting again

TIME AND CONDITIONS: around 9:00am It was in the summer time the sun was up .It was kind of shady in the woods where we was.

ENVIRONMENT: hillside, have to walk into it .A way back in the woods.Alot of steep hills

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Tony Gerard:

I spoke with both witnesses by phone. Apparently, to the witnesses, this daytime sighting is the most dramatic in a long running series of events. The husband had the closest and longest look at the creature, although he could only see it from the mid torso up. He described its build as broad and muscular, three to four feet across the shoulders, and between six and seven feet tall. The entire body was covered with long, reddish brown hair. The husband described the head shape as being pointed toward the back. No ears were visible. Hair covered the face "like a man with a beard"; the hair was thinner around the eyes and on the forehead. The eyes were large and dark in color. The mouth was described as wide, with thick, dark lips. The nose was broad and flat. Overall the face did not project forward in a muzzle, but was "flat like a person or a monkey".

After the couple went up the hill away from the creature it apparently followed them at a distance.

Approximately a week later, at dusk, the wife was in the back yard when "the dogs went crazy barking". She then saw a creature "just standing" in the woods about seventy five to one hundred feet away. She described this creature as having a more blondish brown hair and did not think it was the same individual she and her husband had seen earlier.

The rock throwing incident occurred in the same area of the sighting. The husband heard a noise at the top of the ridge and looked up to see a rock "about the size of a football" hit the top of a tree near him and bounce downhill.

"About four years ago", during the summer, the husband was ginseng hunting in the company of his father and brother. They heard what sounded like "Chinamen talking" from one hill to another, then a sound like a tree falling. They then quickly left the area.

The wife also related that they had found several trees over the years twisted off, "like you'd wring out a washcloth" at a level above human head height.

About BFRO Investigator Tony Gerard:

Tony Gerard is a community college biology professor.

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