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Report # 1189  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Jean Williams on Friday, May 16, 1997.
Sighting by a motorist
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YEAR: 1973 or '74

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Maine

COUNTY: Penobscot County

LOCATION DETAILS: My sighting occurred in the southbound lanes of Route 95 just north of Bangor, Maine.

OBSERVED: I observed a large, hairy creature, either dark brown or black, striding swiftly across the southbound lanes from the treed median to the woods on the right side of the road. The creature walked smoothly and stood very erect. At first I thought it was a gorilla, then immediately realized that didn't make any sense; but it had too long arms for a bear, and didn't stand or move like one. At that time I was utterly perplexed and could find no rational explanation for what I had seen. I did not hear of Bigfoot until several years later when some photos were televised and I realized that this looked like what I had seen. I did stop the car and attempt to look across the low traffic barrier and into the woods where the being had gone, but could see no trace of it.


OTHER WITNESSES: My husband and 2 children were in the car, but were dozing. By the time I figured out what to say (as I knew it wasn't a bear, but a gorilla was incongrous) it was too late for them to see anything. I could look back across the meridian at a car traveling north, and expected it to stop if it had seen the creature crossing the other side; but it didn't stop.

OTHER STORIES: No. I have been curious ever since to know if there had been any similar sightings in northern Maine. But have just now found this means of communicating to others about my experience.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: This occurred in late July of 1973 or 74 in the early evening. It was still light and it was clear and dry

I would like to know if there have been other possible sightings in Maine.

ENVIRONMENT: At this point Route 95 goes through the Maine wilderness. Both sides of the road were heavilly forested. The median had trees and rocks and some bushes of various density. Shortly before the sighting I had noticed a few houses off in the distance through a clearing' so had noted that we were probably beginning to approach a more populated area as we were headed for a campground just above Bangor.

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