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Report # 11797  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, June 1, 2005.
Hikers find possible tracks and other sign on an old logging road outside North Bay
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YEAR: 2005

SEASON: Spring


DATE: 28



LOCATION DETAILS: Hwy 11 North to Sand Dam road. Then onto Notman road about 10 to 15 kms onto it. Then off on what could be an old logging road (more than 10 years old) but is now no more than a trail.



OBSERVED: Myself and 2 friends were walking along a trail which is not used very much, i believe it was an old logging road as there are many old logging roads off of the main road (which is itself mainly a logging road although there might be some cottages or residences at some points off of the main road). The point at which we were at was roughly 20 km from the highway about 40 km north of North Bay, toward Temagami. I would guess that very few people, if any, would be out on this trail in any year and no ATV or footprints were visible leading into it. We noticed a small tree, maybe 1.5 - 2 inches in diameter broken off about 8 feet off of the ground even though it seemed to be in good health and had no markings from animals climbing it (this is probably unrelated). This caused one of us to joke that maybe it was a sasquatch who had broken it. About 1/2 km up the trail there was a large puddle covering most of the trail. Right in front of the puddle were 2 tracks, not full tracks but half tracks, one in front of the other about a foot, like someone had bent over on the balls of their feet to scoop a drink of water. There were no other tracks that we could see on the trail, near (or through) the puddle. What surprised us and gave us a wierd feeling was that the tracks (barefoot of course) were twice as wide as mine (I take a size 10.5). They had five toes, bigger to smaller like a human, and were not any other animal like a bear (I am a country boy originally). I would have to honestly say that given the remoteness and the size we (even though we are skeptics) all thought we had seen a sasquatch track and we got a wierd feeling about them. I don't know if bigfoot can sit on the balls of their feet to drink but the massive width of these tracks left us feeling that they can.

ALSO NOTICED: see original note, there was also some bent over trees after the track that looked like they might have been fashioned into a sleeping spot. This however we dismissed as our minds playing tricks on us due to what we had just seen.

OTHER WITNESSES: 3 witnesses.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: close to dusk, nice weather, clear skies

ENVIRONMENT: Mixed forest maybe 40 years old (after the old growth forest was logged from it a long time ago)

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness took off his shoes and made an imprint of the balls of his feet in the soil next to the tracks. He found that the tracks were similar in shape to his own, only twice the size. He is fully aware of what bear prints look like and he is adamant that they were not bear. The witnessís assumption is that the creature possibly squatted down on the balls of its feet and drank from the puddle.

He also admits that he got a very strange feeling from the area and does not know how to explain that.

The area is fairly remote and has several logging roads, some active and some not. He advises that other then loggers it is not an area traversed by people often.

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