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Report # 1168  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Bill A on Sunday, December 27, 1998.
Man sees ape-like animal in back yard
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YEAR: Early 70's

SEASON: Unknown

STATE: Maryland

COUNTY: Harford County

LOCATION DETAILS: Fallston, Maryland Not far from the Little Gunpowder river

OBSERVED: This was told to me from a neighbor which showed me a cast of a foot print which was big(didn't measure it)I was living in Edgewood at the time, Maryland, about 15mis. away or so from where it happened.The people had dogs getting into thier trash and the owner bought a 22 rifle to get the dogs as he put it. He has a cement pad about 10 by 6 ft with a fence 6ft high around three sides of it. The trash cans were inside the fence.On night he heard noises out side,he got his rifle and looked out back.The porch light showed nothing near the trash cans but outside the fence he could see a shape of something so he shot up in the air.The animal ,which he could only describe as a big ape,got up and he could see it's shouders and head above the fence.It took off as it rose up turning back towards the woods in a hurry.It tore up freshly planted bushes in it's path. The ground left no tracks other then in the soft dirt around the bushes.That's the plaster cast the neighbor showed me.He gave it to the neighbor because he decided he didn't believe in what he saw and didn't want to be haunted by the sighting.They had the police there but I guess he made sure it was kept out of the papers.He just didn't want his name out there.

ALSO NOTICED: Never saw anything again ,although the Gunpowder state park had many reports in the early 70's

OTHER WITNESSES: He was watching TV and heard something out back late at night

ENVIRONMENT: The area is wooded and has little gunpowder trout stream running close by not too many houses built that close to one another.Gunpowder state park is in the area which goes from Harford co.(where incident took place) to Baltimore Co. Old railroad tracks start in Baltimore co.some 25mis. away I fished this area all the time plenty of places for it to hide I would think

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