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Report # 1138  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, July 10, 1998.
Family witness a 7-8 foot tall creature, covered with hair, standing in the middle of the road
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YEAR: 1989

SEASON: Winter

STATE: Missouri

COUNTY: Pulaski County

LOCATION DETAILS: This occured on Hwy. 17 North of Waynesville, MO. (Pulaski County) almost exactly even with the "40 MPH Speed Limit Sign" When we got on up to the junction of Hwy 17 and Bus. 44, there was a residential structure fire and the Waynesville Fire Dept. was there. They had their water hoses ran across the intersection and had a metal ramp laid across the hoses, so that cars could drive over them. It was a very cold night and the water was running across the roadway and freezing. This made the intersection extremely slick. So, this information should be fairly easy to obtain. (If I find out, I will add this to my report.) 37:49:43 N 092:12:02 W

NEAREST TOWN: Waynesville


OBSERVED: I am not sure of the date. My daughter was 1-2 years old, so it would have had to have been in 1988 or 1989.

We were going from Crocker, MO. to Waynesville/St. Robert, MO. to Wal-Mart. We crossed the Waynesville/Crocker bridge on Hwy. 17 (North of Waynesville, South of Crocker) and were almost out of the "Waynesville Corners" --this highway has several corners and curves after the bridge because it has a bluff on one side and the Roubidoux Creek/Gasconade River on the other. When we were almost through the corners and coming up on the "40 MPH Speed Limit Sign" which means that we are getting close to entering the Waynesville, MO. city limits. It was a winter night, about 7:00 pm and had been dark for about 2 hours . We rounded a corner and were meeting a car--both of us had our headlights on -- and there in the middle of the road--standing right on the yellow line which separates the two lanes--is this "thing." It was about 7-8 feet tall and covered with hair. It was almost "frozen," much like a deer is when the headlights of a car hit it. My husband was driving and he slammed on the breaks, as did the car that we had met. At this time, we were just passed the creature, as was the other car. But, both of us had stopped--and there standing on the yellow line of Hwy.17, and being illuminated by the tail lights of both vehicles--still stood this creature. It stood there for about 30 seconds and then it sort of leaped off the roadway and into the Roubidoux Creek/Gasconade River. At this time, I was extremely scared and was pleading with my husband to just "GO!"--so we took back off, as did the other car. We continued on toward Waynesville and the other car continued on toward Crocker. We did not get out to investigate, and as far as I know, the other car didn't either. We had no weapons with us (just in case we would need them) and it was dark--and suddenly very eerie. I have never heard of any stories of this particular incident, so I assume that the other people who witnessed this had the same idea that we did--NEVER TELL A SOUL--we have discussed this with close friends and family, but no one else--until now. When I visited this web site and found out that there were acutally other sightings in the state of Missouri, I thought maybe there was some worth to telling about this night. (I forgot to add that it was drizzling that evening).

ALSO NOTICED: I read several of the reports that have been submitted and noticed that several of them said the there was a terrible odor. We did not witness this--but, it was extremely cold outside and we had the windows up on the vehicle ...

OTHER WITNESSES: We were just simply driving--as was the other vehicle. We did NOT get out to investigate. However, if the people in the other vehicle ever read this--please contact us--we are each others only credible witnesses.

ENVIRONMENT: Very hilly terrain. There is a steep bluff on one side of the highway--impossible to climb up or down because it was cut to make the roadway. The bluff does have at least one fairly large cave within 1/2 mile of the sighting--several other caves in the area. On the other side of the highway is the Roubidoux Creek. Just passed the sighting area, the Roubidoux Creek (a very large creek that is prone to flooding) meets the Gasconade River. On the other side of the creek is mainly farmer's land--fields and such. About 1/4 - 1/2 mile beyond the creek is another very large bluff with several caves. On the other side of the bluff that is next to the highway is miles and miles of woods, bluffs, valleys, gravel roads, and caves. (Pulaski County is the third largest county for caves in the state of Missouri and this happens to be an area that has a vast number of caves and caverns).

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