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Report # 10829  (Unusable)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, March 2, 2005.
Driver of stuck van has encounter near the Mississippi River
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YEAR: 2005

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February

DATE: 2/20/05

STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Hickman County

LOCATION DETAILS: I know it was not far from their home which is cr 1219 194 Arlington Ky.

NEAREST TOWN: Berkley, Bardwell


OBSERVED: This incident took place @ 2 weeks ago in the Kentucky Bottoms in Hickman County. By local resident (not myself). There were two individuals driving down to the river. They had gotten stuck and after trying to get out themselves they realized they could not and one would have to go for help. It was dark and they will give you more details, but one was left alone with his van. Sitting in his van while waiting for the others to bring help, he smelled an awful smell. After looking in his mirror he noticed it was Large and Hairy. Rolling up his windows and locking his doors, this thing grabbed the sides of his van and vigoursley shook his van. This man was very very upset and shook up about this. When the others returned they found him very upset. I hope he will even talk about it with someone. After returning home later that night and sharing with his brother & law what had happened, he of course did not believe him. THe next morning as the brother in law was drinking his coffee watching the news, there were also 2 more sightings that same night near cairo and wicklife. He went and apologized for not believing him and then went to check out his van in the daylight. Which was mudded up with prints and scratches. He knew then he was telling the truth. He would have not ever reported it unless someone contacts him. I had to look into these sights myself to believe and I know it should be reported.

OTHER WITNESSES: 1 at the actual sighting that was in the vehicle. A couple seen the prints on the van I believe.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Unsure I only know it was night.

ENVIRONMENT: I know they were by a river that is why they got stuck and remember the wind caught the one gentlemans Hat and blew it into the water. One of the men had to jump in from the waist down to retrieve his hat and it was cold. He about froze to death.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Tony Gerard:

I was able to talk with the witness by phone. The witness was not the individual who originally filed the report, but he agrees that it is basically accurate. The details from my interview are as follows:

The witness and a friend had driven to a boat ramp on the Mississippi River and got stuck driving out. It was just after dark (approximately 6pm) at the time. Within approximately five minutes a couple pulled up behind the van in a four wheel drive pick-up towing a trailer loaded with four wheelers. The fellow agreed to pull them out, but wanted to go home and drop off his trailer first. The witness's friend went with the couple and the witness stayed in his Chevy Astrovan. Since it was a pleasant evening the witness had the window down and the radio on. The other truck had been gone about twenty minutes when the witness heard a noise. "It wasn't a growl or huff. (Later he described it as more like a grunt.), It caught my ear. I heard it twice. The second time I heard it I got a whiff of something. It stunk, like a wet dog, BO, shit, everything all rolled into one." When he looked in the side view mirror he stated "There was something big out there." He quickly rolled up the window. "This thing, whatever it was, it started knocking the van. At one time I thought it was going to tip me over. I was setting on an angle anyway. At one point it came up by the front door. I could see it was big and I could see it had arms. I couldn't see its face because it was above the roof. It seemed to be hairy all over." Because of the darkness the witness could not accurately judge the hair color. When asked about the hair length he said "it was fairly long, maybe four inches, but I would just be guessing, I don't know for sure. At the time it was going on I was trying to figure out where the hell I was going to go or what I was going to do."

The creature shook the van for perhaps twenty to thirty seconds. It made no sounds other that the initial two grunt like vocalizations the witness heard.

When the other truck returned it backed up to the van. The witness just wanted to get away from the area. They pulled the van out and did not look for tracks. He said he had heard that someone who heard of the story went looking for tracks and found none, but "He may not have even been in the right place". There were lots of muddy smudges on the van, but no real prints, "mostly just smudges, not scratches." His brother-in law also verified this during an interview.

About BFRO Investigator Tony Gerard:

Tony Gerard is a community college biology professor.

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