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Report # 10687  (Class B)
Submitted by witness C.B. on Friday, February 18, 2005.
Child sees large figure looking at him in window at night
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YEAR: 1972-73

SEASON: Summer

DATE: Unknown

STATE: Maryland

COUNTY: Anne Arundel County

LOCATION DETAILS: This sighting occurred within 50 yards of a residential street, Epping Forest Road.


NEAREST ROAD: Epping Forest Road

OBSERVED: I came across your website, and decided to look for reports in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. After reading the posted reports, I thought I'd share the following:

I resided in the Annapolis area for approximately 8 years, from 1969-1977, and lived in numerous areas in and around the city.

In 1972-73, I was living in the Saferan (sp?) area, outside of Epping Forest, on the outskirts of Annapolis. This area was a wooded peninsula extending into the Severn River.

During the summer of '72 or '73, I was 10-11 years old. One evening I awoke because of the summer heat. My bed lay roughly 2 feet from and parallel to the bedroom window. The bedroom window was on the ground floor level and faced a roadway lit by a single street light in this area. I recall having just awoke and sat upright in bed, looking to my left at the floor fan. I recall thinking that the evening was very, very hot. As I sat in my bed waking up, I turned to my right, looking directly into the window. What I saw can only be described as a large head, with distinct hair covering it; it was much, much larger than any human head. I recall seeing the thing's eyes blinking at me, from a distance of 2-4 feet. I also recall seeing the teeth in it's mouth. The eyes and the teeth contrasted sharply from the darkness of the rest of the head. The light from the roadway was behind and to the thing's left, so I wasn't able to make out any distinct features, other than the eyes and the teeth. There were no sounds other than the fan. This thing was making no threatening moves, in fact it was doing nothing other than looking into my bedroom window and seeing me looking at it. After maybe 10-15 seconds, during which time I went from trying to comprehend what I was seeing to being very, very frightened, I lay back down on my bed, rolled off the bed to my left and crawled out of my bedroom on my hands and knees to a bathroom. My mother found me sometime in the bathroom. When I relayed the story to her, she told me the curtains were closed and to go back to bed. I know the curtains weren't closed, but, thanks mom.

For what it's worth.

ALSO NOTICED: No. Too young to think about site investigation. My parents probably thought I was reading scary comics.

OTHER WITNESSES: None. Household was asleep.

OTHER STORIES: Not at the time.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Middle of the night; after midnight. Hot and humid summer night. Street light 50 yards behind object.

ENVIRONMENT: No environmental factors affecting the sighting. Object was on a concrete porch of a ranch house looking into a bedroom window. No other objects on or near the porch.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Bill Scott:

This encounter happened in an area with a strong history of sightings in the 70's. I spoke to the witness, C.B and found his memory of the incident to be very detailed. C.B. did believe the creature was not threatening but probably just curious. The window was open and only at arms length from the witness but he does not remember hearing or smelling anything which may be due to the nearby fan. He estimates the window's height from the ground to be about 4-5 feet.

About BFRO Investigator Bill Scott:

Bill Scott works as a small business manager near Washington, DC. He has extensive knowledge of the State and National parks in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Bill has participated in the following expeditions: Washington (Oly Pen -1), West Virginia.

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