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Report # 1068  (Class A)
Submitted by witness J. J. on Tuesday, January 2, 2001.
Two fisherman have daytime sighting above Huntington Lake
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YEAR: 1995


MONTH: October

DATE: 29

STATE: California

COUNTY: Fresno County

LOCATION DETAILS: above Huntington Lake, in the sierras, Mono Creek Campground.


NEAREST ROAD: cant recall

OBSERVED: gentlemen, here is my account of what i remember. fresno, ca. 1995. mono creek camp ground. about 12 or 14 miles above lake huntington. in the sierras. myself, my fishing pardner, and another gentleman, were all fishing a small part of the river there, it was the last weekend of the season, before they close the roads, due to snow. about 3 miles down the river, my pardner decided he had enough, and stop to nap. this other gentleman and myself pushed on, maybe 3/4 of mile from where we had left my friend. i stop to fish a pool. the other guy dropped down to the next pool, to fish it, that is how we were working the differant areas. 1 guy would stop to fish a hole and the other would go right down below. as i was fishing my little stretch, i noticed the guy coming back up, he looked very excited and was waving for me to come there, i figured that he landed a good fish, or had seen a bear. he was almost in a frenzy, he just told me to hurry when i caught up to him he was looking over the edge of the next little drop off, i looked over and saw nothing unusual, he said it was right there, and jumped his way down to the spot, i followed, asking him what he had seen. before i could even get the words out of my mouth this smell, i cant explain to you what it was, wet, moldy, well animal, musk filled the air, nothing i have smelled ever was like this. my friend then told me that he had seen it, again before i could even ask above us i saw it, there standing no more then i would say 25 yards up the hill, was a the creature i believe to be a bigfoot. about 8 foot tall, covered in a reddish brown, and some what black hair, the face i remember it looking almost humanoid in appearance. it then turned and began taking huge strides up the mountain, not running, but covering some serious ground.on 2 feet. not 4. i tried to follow it, but again i felt an almost hynotic sensation over take me, and my pardner later told me he felt the same way, and i couldnt move, we watched it go right up to the top and over it. i felt very over whelmed, and did not say anything to my friend, we just walk in a silence back to our other friend, he could tell we were shooken up. but never let him in on what had just occured. to this day, when ever i think about it, i get overwelmed with emotion. when i got home i called the gentleman and talked to him about what we had seen, the feelings we went through were basically the same, when he saw the creature he said he could smell the smell i described, but not nearly as bad as when we came down to where it had been standing. then a strange feeling over took him as well, almost like we were hypnotized, or drugged. he has trouble now remembering what he looked liked, he can remember seeing it and the smell, but all other memeories are fading. i can tell you , i will never forget what he looked like, and have came to my own conclusions, i believe the smell the bigfoot emits can be used as sort of a defense system, let me explain, i believe when excited or scared the aroma he emits can actually work on a persons system, maybe for one, it makes you feel drugged, or for another it makes you feel hypnotized or just plain scared. the reason i feel this way, is like i said to this day, when i think about it, i am over come with emotion., i hope this might help in some small way, thank you for your time.

ALSO NOTICED: i did notice no animals, no sounds, no nothing, i had been saying that a couple miles into our trip down river, i always make sure to look for wildlife and there was none. and up there i always see and hear quite a few things. after the sighting a very tranquil feeling came over me, like it was going to be just fine. or a weird calmness. when ever i think about it, i cry, or become teary eyed. overwhelmed with emotion.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2 and he was fishing.

OTHER STORIES: never asked about any, never was told of any.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: about 2 p.m., very well lit canyon

ENVIRONMENT: small river winding down a steep, hilling, rocky, wooded canyon

Follow-up investigation report:

The following details can be added to this report:
--nearest road was Forest Service Road 80 (Kaiser Pass Road);
--campground is actually called Mono Spring Campground;
--nearest water is the San Joaquin River;
--height estimated at 7'10" to 8' tall;
--weight estimated at 500 pounds;
--hair on the face was greying; and
--footprint measured 17 1/4" in length and 2" deep.

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