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Report # 10119  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, December 29, 2004.
Motorist observes animal cross the road in front of him
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YEAR: 1969

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

DATE: 10

PROVINCE: British Columbia



NEAREST ROAD: Hope Princeton Hwy

OBSERVED: Hello there, I would like to share with you an experience i once had regarding a creature in who's existance,that up to that time i was extremely skeptical of, to say the least. I am no longer a skeptic. In fact i am now a true believer in the ever illusive ape man creature of the pacific northwest known as sasquatch.

Picture this: I am driving from Hope to Princeton with my sister and a friend, the year is 1969 and about this time of year, jan. there is a wisp of very dry snow blowing low across the road in front of us.It is about 3 am,not a house or a light or a car around for miles and one of those nights that is so cold that a person wouldn't even want to stop for a piss for fear of turning into a human ice cube. one thing for sure as there is no snowballs in hell,and that is we are not apt to see some fool out here at this time of night, in this kind of cold, and in this isolated location running around in a monkey suit.

What happened next is etched in my mind for all time. A creature,definitely not a bear and even more definitely not a human walked across the road from left to right .Starting from
the time it came into view of my headlights until it went out of view of my lights was about six to eight seconds. I stopped right where i thought the exact spot was that he crossed.
We saw no more of him. I, needless to say did not get out to investigate this creatute as i was rivitted with a combination of fear and a strange sense of almost giddy uphoria of a
nature that is hard to describe. We sat there for a few minutes asking each other if we actually saw what we saw or were we all crazy?

We decided finally to believe that we saw what we saw, and what we saw was a creature well over the height of a tall man, say seven to eight feet , kind of greyish in color with very long arms, thick torso,slanted back apelike forehead,walking with long deliberate like strides. At one point he turned in our direction but not as a person would by merely turning the head but by turning the upper part of the upper body as well. the only video i have of this is stored in the memory of my mind. I would like to say , only to the few people out there that have had an experience like mine , that my heart goes out to you in knowing that like me , you can't share it with your friends or family or anyone because you know that even if thay tell you that they believe what you say you saw,you know deep inside that they do not. Oh well , i don't begrudge these people because i know that being a skeptic myself , and if the tables were turned i would be and was a nonbeliever.

Now i do believe.

OTHER WITNESSES: three witnessess myself included

TIME AND CONDITIONS: approx 3 a.m.

ENVIRONMENT: Creek nearby,, Mountainous terrain in
close proximity

Follow-up investigation report:

I talked extensively with the witness about his report. Even though it happened over thirty years ago, he recounted everything as though it happened yesterday.

"I have seen a lot of so called pictures of these things and nothing out there looks like what I had seen that night." The subject that the witness viewed was more of a neanderthal looking creature, grayish brown color, no more than eight feet in height. "I was a skeptic before and now believe in the existence of something that has remained unseen by many."

Witness stated that he has talked to his sister over the years, her memory has sort of faded this incident out. "This could be because she did not get the view that I did. She was a passenger in the car and I was behind the wheel, where my focus was on the road." He also stated the other witness in the vehicle did not view the subject as clearly, as he believes that he had been sleeping.

The subject seemed to be well built with little body fat. "When it turned to look at us, it used its body, not just the head turned. This was for about three strides and then it turned back to the direction it was walking and disappeared from my view."

"There is no way, absolutely no way, that this creature could have been someone in a suit." "The temperature was approximately -40 degrees, with the wind chill. There were no homes, lights, or structures in the area. To this day, there is nothing in that area."

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