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Geographical Index > United States > Florida > Osceola County > Report # 734
Report # 734  (Class A)
Submitted by witness S.S. on Wednesday, July 21, 1999.
creature seen in the woods.

YEAR: 1999

SEASON: Spring


DATE: 21

STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Osceola County

LOCATION DETAILS: St. Cloud Florida in the woods out by Holopaw. (in the middle of no where)


OBSERVED: Well, on May 21st 1999 I was out in the woods in St. Cloud Florida armadillo hunting with a few friends. My good friend and I wandered off by ourselves and were exploring. As we were walking through the woods we saw what seemed to be a large extremly hairy creature. It stood about 7 1/2 feet tall and must have weighed about 350-400 pounds. It walked slowly with its arms hanging low and a hunched over back. My friend and I stood in amazement the creature slowly turned and stared at us for approx. 4 seconds, then turned back in its original direction and contiuned walking until it was out of sight. My friend and I quickly ran away and found the others and told them about our sighting...most did not believe us.

OTHER WITNESSES: My friend and I were armadillo hunting and searching for small animals (ex: armadillos, racoons, snakes, ect)

ENVIRONMENT: It was out in the middle of the woods. Pretty thick woods, a lot of tall trees and small bushes surronded us. A few paths were winding throughout the wooded area, though.