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Report # 733  (Class A)
Submitted by D. Stocking on Thursday, December 10, 1998.
creature observed walking weird and slightly hunched over.

YEAR: 1998

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: November

DATE: 22

STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Osceola County

LOCATION DETAILS: NNW end of Three Lake Wildlife Management Area
Keenansville, Florida Approx. 6 miles west on Williams Rd. then north 2.85 miles on Rd. #1.
Road #1 runs parallel with the Florida Turnpike and is approximately 1.25 miles east of the Turnpike at the point of sighting.

NEAREST TOWN: Keenansville

NEAREST ROAD: Williams Rd.

OBSERVED: Witness and a friend were deer hunting that day. They were resting by their vehicles at approximately 1:30 pm when the witness looked north on the road (Rd. #1) and observed 2 Bigfoot crossing the road from west to east. The Bigfoot crossed from an oak hammack into an area of pines and tall palmettos. Approximately 225 yards east through the pines is a large swamp.

The witness and his friend were roughly 2/10 of a mile away from the creatures when they crossed the road.

The witness saw a large male, 6.5 ft. tall with light brown hair cross the road first. When the witness first saw the male he thought it was another hunter walking around without an orange safety vest on. The witness states that it was walking weird and slightly hunched over. When the second one came into view (5.5 ft. tall) it was completely black and had breasts. She also appeared to be carrying something about her waist with both hands. The witness feels she was either very pregnant or carrying a young Bigfoot. The male was 15 yards in front of the female. The witness states that the female had hairy breasts and that both bigfoot walked without locking their knees.

Follow-up investigation report:

On Saturday, November 28, 1998
Diane Stocking visited the area and meet with the witness.

I found him to be credible, honest, and very helpful. The witness and I spent 3 hours walking the area including the swamp. We found several small limbs and twigs snapped as if someone had walked by them. This could be attributed to several things including a hunter, animal or Bigfoot. Also found, were several markings on the ground that could have been large foot falls (the ground conditions were not conducive to footprints. Ground cover included moss, pine needles, leaves, acorns, and rotting vegitation). The swamp was thick and fairly dry, with only about 4-6 inches of water in sporatic locations. Nothing concrete was found at the sighting location to prove or dis-prove the incident.