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Report # 22192  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, December 11, 2007.
Possible screams and stalking heard by seven campers out Newton

YEAR: 1995

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February


STATE: New Jersey

COUNTY: Sussex County

LOCATION DETAILS: Green Vally,its a camp ground.The lady that ownd it at the time would let us camp off season,and off camp grounds back in the woods.



OBSERVED: We heard the most undiscribable cry/scream ever heard,it was almost blood sounded about 1/4 mile or so away.All seven of us froze.We all just kind of looked at each other in disbelive,asking each other what the f--k was that,and before ya knew it it did it again,but this time it was right behind the tent. sounded like 50ft away.and if you think we froze before we were freakin now.nobody moved a muscle.turns out this sream has been heard by many researchers,and has been recorded,and this is why I am coming foward with this now.

ALSO NOTICED: I heard brush poppin,after the second scream ,like it was walkin away,but realy,realy slow???

OTHER WITNESSES: Seven including me.We ate,then goofed off for about 2 hrs settled into tent,goofed off some more then silence,then we heard it.

OTHER STORIES: Now being a beliver,I have been checkin out all the other sites and there has been at least 5 to 10 siteings to my knowledge in this area.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was about 1am,real dark,no moon from what I can remember.

ENVIRONMENT: Heavlywooded ,a lot of hills big rocks, and a huge revean way back in the woods,natural rock formation all about.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Paul Conroy :

I interviewed this witness for approximately one hour. The details that he provided were consistent with the report that he submitted.

Seven people heard the alleged vocalizations. The witness that I spoke with stated that a friend of his who was present that day played a vocalization off of a cryptozoological wesite of a purported sasquatch for him over the phone. He could not believe that his friend was able to duplicate that specific sound that they had both heard that night.

It was only after the witness in question instantly recognized the incredible similarity between the sound played for him over the phone and the sound that they had all heard that night, that he was informed that what he had just heard over thephone was a recorded vocalization of a purported sasquatch.

The area in question is located in Sussex county, New Jersey. While New Jersey has an extremely dense population, the north west corner of the state is largely made up of farmland and rural communties with the Kittatiny Mountains to the south of this particular location and the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania to the northwest.

The Deleware River is within close proximity, and there are miles of preserved wilderness, including Stokes State Forest, and High Point State Forest, providing many miles of heavily forested areas that contain strong populations of deer, rabbit, coyote, black bear etc..

There have also been documented eyewitness-accounts of mountain lion sightings.

The terrain/ecosystems that exist here have much in common with Pennsylvania.

There is a history of sightings in this general area of the state, as documented by both eyewitness accounts and media articles under the "Sussex County" heading of the New Jersey section of the sightings database.