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Report # 2104  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, April 1, 2001.
Howling sound heard in the Boggy Creek area of Fouke Arkansas

YEAR: 2001

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February

STATE: Arkansas

COUNTY: Miller County

LOCATION DETAILS: 3 to 5 miles due west of Fouke near boggy creek.


NEAREST ROAD: two to three county roads west of hwy 71

OBSERVED: I was driving around the backroads of fouke and the jonesville area, it was a saturday late evening just before dark. I was looking over all the damaged trees that were still down from the Ice storm we had in this area during christmas.As I came near boggy creek it was getting somewhat dark, so I decited to turn around and head back home.
I pulled into a dirt drive in front of a hunting lease to turn around and suddenly I heard a Howling sound like I never heard before.
It was then dark to where I could not see threw the trees anymore so I decited to get home.
Later on I was able to listen to some sound recordings of bigfoot and just as I thought, I got a rare chance to hear the real thing.

ALSO NOTICED: nothing unusual but it seemed to wait til I stopped the car to turn around, to begin howling as if it wanted me to be sure to hear its warning or whatever.

OTHER WITNESSES: just one driving and checking out the trees and the outdoors.

OTHER STORIES: the legend of the Fouke monster is very well known in this area.
Lately some folks around fouke are saying the dogs around fouke are being hurt and some are coming up dead.
One report was that the Fouke monster was seen going onto a porch after a dog not long ago,it is not known if he was seen in the rual area of fouke or near the city.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: clear to partly cloudy around 48-50 degrees late afternoon darkness began to settle in.

ENVIRONMENT: creek bottms on gravel road.

Follow-up investigation report:

Nothing further to add to this report.

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