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Sunday, October 25, 1981

Fouke Monster Still Alive and Well

By Lou Farish
Arkansas Democrat

Arkansas, you should know that the Fouke Monster is still at large. This famed creature has been the subject of countless stories, studies and even a motion picture (The Legend of Boggy Creek). But somehow the monster continues to elude capture. Named for the tiny southwest Arkansas community, the Fouke Monster is usually sighted at night. It has been described as large and hairy, with fiery red eyes. People who have caught glimpses of the "thing" say it looks like a giant monkey with long swinging arms and a swift, galloping gait. The monster is said to weigh from 250-300 pounds and stand six to seven feet tall. Searchers don't have to be told they'll need more than a flimsy net to catch this monster. The Fouke Monster seems to like animals because numerous pigs, cattle, and an occasional human or two have reportedly been accosted by the hugh beast. In 1971, Bobby Ford of Fouke was treated at a Texarkana hospital for several scratches and symptoms of shock after he reported being attacked by a large " hairy creature" at his home. Later that same year, a Texarkana couple reported seeing the monster as it ran across the highway in front of their automobile. In 1977, a Miller County farmer checked on his pig pen and discovered the remnants of a small-scale attack. Several pigs had been ripped open and one carcass was found outside and away from the pen where it apparently had been dragged and abandoned. So, if you're ready to start collecting unusual species in the state, Fouke, Ark., might be the place to begin. However, the Fouke Monster might have other ideas about that.

BACKGROUND (Ron Schaffner (

In his book, STRANGE CREATURES FROM TIME AND SPACE, John Keel tells us that there's hardly a respectable swamp in the "Deep South" that does not boast at least one Abominable Swamp Slob. (A.S.S.) One of the most popular and sensationalized A.S.S., is that of the Fouke Monster. In fact, this creature became so famous that a movie was centered around it. "THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK" was part fact, but was also fictional in nature.

John Green tells of 14 year old James Lynn Crabtree who witnessed a seven to eight foot, reddish haired animal in 1965 near Fouke. Crabtree claims to have shot the creature three times in the face, but with no effect. (1)

In May of 1971, the Ford family of the Jonesville area had a frightening experience with a large, hairy unknown animal. The creature pushed its "claw" through the screen while Mrs. Ford was sleeping on the couch. Mrs. Ford's husband, Bobby and his brother, Douglas, pursued the creature towards the woods. The Sheriff arrived and took casts of some unusual prints. An hour later, the creature was back at the Ford's residence. When it was shot at, the manimal disappeared from view again.

On May 2, Bobby was outside when he was grabbed and pulled to the ground. After a brief struggle, he escaped his assailant. He was treated at a Texarkana hospital for scratches and shock. More footprints were discovered on the Ford's property. (2)

Later in the month, on the 23rd, several motorists reported seeing a 6 - 7 foot creature running across Highway 71. (3)

During 1978, several sections of Arkansas was experiencing the phenomena again. In March, footprints were discovered by Joe Cook of Appleton. He and his brother had been prospecting about 45 miles north of Russellville. The prints measured 17 inches in length and 7 inches wide. Cook also made mention of several caves in the area. (4)

Meanwhile, 10 miles away in Center Ridge, more sightings were making the news. Large unknown foot- prints were present and several livestock were re- posted missing. (5)

On June 26, 1978, Mike Lofton of Crossett, Ark., proved his courage by shooting at a 7 foot "something" outside his home. The incident began as Mike was feeding his puppy when it began to tremble. He then saw this thing coming out of the woods. The 10 year old ran into the house and retrieved his father's .22 caliber rifle. He fired on the creature and it fled into the woods. (6)


I have made mention of some of the activity in Arkansas. There have been other sightings since the 1930's when moonshining was a big business. During the years of 1969 - 1975, the Fouke creature made news headlines all over the country.

On April 5, 1982, Gary Webster, Earl Jones and myself had the opportunity of talking with Don Pelfrey of Covington, Kentucky. Don has spent several summers at his relative's house in Arkansas. His aunt and uncle live about 50 miles east of Hope near the Ozark Mountains and Black Lake. Fouke Creek, which runs behind the house, has been the center of activity over the many years.

Don's relatives (who wish to remain anonymous) have seen the creature on several occasions. They describe the "monster" as a "gorilla type", except that it looks more human than animal. Its arms are much longer than a man and the face is covered with hair. The manimal allegedly leaves 17 inch footprints.

According to Mr. Pelfrey, one can see the dermal ridges on the prints. The ball of the foot is more flat than a human and there is no indication of an arch.

"It is about 800 pounds and appears to be about 10 feet tall. It sounds like a bear with a screeching voice added", stated Don.

He also says that it leaves a bad stink like that of a skunk.

Several animals have been found in a mutilated state, such as chickens, a calf and dogs with large lacerations. Don told us of one such incident on his aunt's farm in July of 1977. His story is as follows:

"My Aunt Martha had two prize hogs that she always hand fed until they were a couple of hundred pounds. Late on night, we hears such a calamity, that we ran to the back porch and turned the light on. When we checked the pen, both hogs were missing. There was nos sign of blood or anything else. While looking around the house, we found a hugh path through the weeds leading into the swamp. We discovered the remains of the hogs about 500 yards away. There appeared to be large bites and scratches and the vital organs were torn out. It appeared that the hogs were killed for sport rather than food. The neighbors had two dobermans killed. Every bone in their bodies seemed broken. They were mutilated so rapidly, that by the time they got dressed and outside, the dogs were dead. I believe this creature has become more aggressive due to more people venturing into the swamps."

Don went on to explain that the local authorities will not talk to anyone about the creature. In fact, they will chase you out of the county.


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