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Report # 75643  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, March 12, 2023.
Repeat visits to rural home 40 miles east of Greenville, on north side of Union
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YEAR: 2023

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February

DATE: 10

STATE: South Carolina

COUNTY: Union County

LOCATION DETAILS: Investigator MM Notes: The residents of this property do not want their address made public. The property is not far from the city limits of Union on the north side.


NEAREST ROAD: See notes in "Directions to Location" section

OBSERVED: It was about 7:00 PM or a little later. I turned off the light, laid down in my bed and looked up through the window gap between the air conditioner and the partially rolled down curtain. In the glow of the yard light I saw the clear silhouette of a large head peering down through the window at me. The creature was slightly bent down. The right side of the head was well-lit, so I could see its black face and black hair. The eyes were deep set. It glared at me for several seconds and then turned to the left, as if something next door caught its attention. After a few seconds it turned back to watch me through the window. It felt evil to me, so I turned away and asked for it to go away and leave me alone. I did not look back at the window.

A few nights later, as I was laying in my bed getting ready to go to sleep, I happened to look up through the same window gap above the air conditioner. Just as before, I saw the same silhouette of the large head looking down at me. Being afraid again, I rolled over to look away.

A few more nights later, as I was laying in my bed getting ready to go to sleep, I happened to look up through the same window gap above the air conditioner. Just as before, I saw the same silhouette of the large head looking down at me. Being afraid again, I moved to the other side of the bed and pulled the covers up so it could not see me.

The next day, I covered all the window gaps with aluminum foil to keep it from looking in at me. Thereafter, something tapped on this window every few nights, but I did not respond.

A few nights later, I was at my kitchen window when I noticed the motion-activated light come on. It was mounted on my rear step railing, about four feet off the ground. When the light came on, I clearly saw two hairy legs, walking right to left in the light's glow, about 1.5 feet away from the light. It briefly paused, then quickly walked off to the left.

ALSO NOTICED: The next day after the first window peering event, I found my old dog in the back yard next to the treeline. The dog was on a run line with a lengthy cable. The dog's collar is pretty tight, as it is not easy to get my fingers between the collar and the dog's neck. My dog was bound to the ground by at least three small saplings that were strung inside the dog's collar and woven among themselves, such that the dog could not move. It took me an hour to cut all the woven saplings and free my dog from its bindings.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was the only witness to these events.

OTHER STORIES: Upon reflection, other unexplainable events have taken place near my home. About a year ago, I heard a very loud, powerful howl-like sound coming from the woods that lasted several seconds. I have also heard whistles coming from the woods. During the time period of the window peerings, something has hit the corner of my house near my bedroom several times.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: The temperatures were typical wintertime for this area. The ground was dry and hard. The skies were generally clear.

ENVIRONMENT: Approximately one acre of flat, grassed yard, bordering a large forested area with a creek bottom. The terrain is gently rolling hills to flat areas. There is a nearby pasture with cows, which I have heard several times at night mooing and crowding together.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Bill Hanna:

Investigator Steve Lamb and I visited the witness on Saturday afternoon, March 18, 2023. We spoke about the events in general and specific terms. We walked the areas of interest inside and outside the house.

Part of the investigation was to physically examine the areas around the bedroom window, the back porch, and the area where the dog was bound to the ground. The middle of the window gap where the peering took place was 7.5 feet above the ground. Considering the typical sasquatch head size and that it was slightly bent down looking through the window gap, it is reasonable to conclude that the creature was a sasquatch of approximately nine feet tall. Since the ground was hard and grassed, and it had rained the day before the investigation, it was not possible to detect any footprint evidence. The samplings where the dog was bound were freshly cut, approximately the diameter of a pencil. The material that was cut away from the dog's collar was nearby, and matched the cut saplings.

The witness' observations skills were keen and descriptions detailed. The witness is educated and quite emotional about the events. I believe the witness is very credible.

The area has ample clean water, grassy areas, thick forest and a large deer population. It appears to be good habitat for sasquatches.


Investigator Matt Moneymaker notes:

I spoke with the witness by phone for an hour, a few weeks after she and her husband met with our two investigators Bill Hanna and Steve Lamb. As they noted, she is credible. She and her husband want their identities kept confidential because they both know most of the people in this very small town (one stoplight).

The bigfoot activity at this property is ongoing but sporadic. It came very close to the home persistently over a week or so in March 2023. She says she has heard what is likely same creature(s) since March 2023 at least a handful of times.

I am in the fortunate position to speak with many credible witnesses. I have spoken with many over the years, with particular interest in situations where a bigfoot is repeatedly returning to a property at night and generally being more bold than usual.

I ask a lot of questions. As a consequence I sometimes notice potential patterns of behavior.

"Disabled+Dogfood" is one of the them. Those are property situations where the resident(s) is disabled, and the dog is disabled, and there is dog food accessible to an outside prowler.

In this particular case the husband is basically bedridden. The wife is visibly disabled and rarely ventures out to the yard very far, other than to help her old dog, which is also disabled and doesn't move much from its doghouse.

She says her dog never finishes all the dog food she puts out for it. Sometimes the leftover dog food is gone in the morning. She doesn't think her dog is eating on those occasions.

When I have heard repeat visit stories involving parallel scenarios in the past it occurred to me that a visiting bigfoot would plainly see that the residents were disabled, especially if it had been hanging around in nearby woods previously, and perhaps looking into windows at night. It could have figured out that there was no chance those two people inside might quickly dash out the door in a hostile manner. Same for the dog. Thus there was no risk to approach the home closely.

It was safe to approach this home after dark and quietly scavenge for the easy pickens left outside.

The witness said she felt the creature may be evil. She was frightenned because she didn't know its intentions.

Why would it tap on the windows? Was it trying to spook her?

I have explained the potential here many times:

The behavior may actually be attempts to make friendly contact with the humans inside, rather than attempts to menace them.

When bigfoots repeatedly approach a human dwelling for some period, it happens almost exclusively after dark. It is always a rural home with tree cover not far away. Bigfoots apparently feel more confident in those circumstances. They do not want to be exposed or observed. They want to be able to disappear into dark woods quickly if need be. They will not normally take chances looking into windows repeatedly where the residents might see them outside.

The reason to suspect tapping on a window, or slapping the side of a cabin, is not an attempt to hurt or harass the humans:

Bigfoots are heavy enough and strong enough to do a lot of damage. They could easily break through windows or knock down doors if they wanted to get inside. Bears will do exactly that if they really want to get inside.

The actions of the bigfoots in these sitautions are more in the direction of signaling the humans inside.

What would they be signaling? Well, they might be asking for food. They may be hoping food will brought outside by a human who will definitely not hurt them or chase them. They may want food brought out for them just as they have seen the residents bring food out for a dog or other domestic animals on the property.

Many, many bigfoots know that humans feed their domesticated animals, because they have surely seen that happen many times.

Some people will say that food should never be left out for a bigfoot because it will get aggressive if you ever stop providing food.

That is pure conjecture. There has never been a credible (investigated) case where that has occurred, so that bit of "wisdom" is likely just an extrapolation for what has been known to occur with bears on occasion.

There has never been a case where a resident in this situation has responded to window taps or cabin slaps by bringing food out into the darkness and setting on the ground before stepping back inside, so no one knows what will happen in that situation.

I strongly feel that someone doing this will not be attacked in the process, partly because bigfoots never attack ... even when an easy opportunity presents itself, like a face-to-face encounter with a child in the dark. Bigfoots will growl and make other scary noises and motions, but they don't see to want to actually touch humans ... as if they don't want to be contaminated by us.

But even if the residents strongly believe what I am saying in this regard, it is still very scary for someone to bring out food when the opportunity arises, so we may never know what could happen after that.

I think the human profile that has the best opportunity for this would be a visibly disabled female, living alone or with a fully disabled co-inhabitant, and with no dog, or a disabled dog, as in this case.

Regarding the location:

See map images below.

This northern region of South Carolina is called the "Upstate" by locals.

Union, South Carolina is a tiny town in the Upstate just above the northern boundary of the Enoree Ranger District of Sumter National Forest.

The landscape around there is roughly 15% farms and 85% forest. It is chock full of deer. The herds wander around on public and private land, mostly undisturbed. The pressure on adult deer from predators like coyotes is minimal. Unlike with cougars, only the fawns are at risk to coyotes most of the time.

Regarding the deer population and colonization by coyotes, the SCDNR writes:

" After many years of rapidly increasing from the 1970ís to the mid-1990ís, the deer population in South Carolina exhibited relative stability between 1995 and 2002. Between 2003 and 2015, however, the population trended down with the overall reduction in harvest likely attributable to a number of factors, including habitat change, two decades of aggressive antlerless deer harvest, and the complete colonization of the state by coyotes and their impact on fawn survival. Since 2016 the statesí deer harvest has increased possibly as a result of declining coyote densities that would naturally occur following colonization."

Although residents report occasional sightings of cougars in the Upstate region, there has not been a confirmed sighting of a cougar in South Carolina the past 100 years.

Even assuming some locals are correct about cougar sightings, cougars would be very rare in the state. Note that previously cougars were so common in South Carolina that many geographic place names include synonyms for cougar, like "panther" and "painter" and "catamount".

When you look at satellite images of the general area on Google Maps etc. you will soon notice the straight lines of power line routes through the woods extending in different directions from Union, including one heading due south into the large forests of Enoree.

The little town of Union, South Carolina, is a small island in a vast sea of forest. You don't need to ask "Where could it hide?"

About BFRO Investigator Bill Hanna:

Bill is retired, after spending over 40 years in various roles in the pharmaceutical industry. He loves the outdoors, bigfoot research and traveling. He has attended many expeditions in GA, SC and TN, as well as assisted in multiple pre-expedition scouting trips. Currently working with other BFRO investigators in scouting and planning expeditions in GA, TN, NC and SC.

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