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Report # 9842  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, November 23, 2004.
Man Sees Large Animal By Roadside
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YEAR: 2003


MONTH: December


STATE: Virginia

COUNTY: Amherst County


NEAREST ROAD: us 60, near state route 778

OBSERVED: Amherst County, VA US 60 100 yds. west of state route 778 approx 10:pm Dec. 7, 2003.

I had passed that point about an hour earlier and the area was loaded with deer. Had to slow way down to avoid a collision. There were at least 8 there at 9:pm.

I was taking my sons, who are in the Nat'l Guard back to the University after their "drill." (They are now at Ft.Dix being retrained for an all-expense paid trip to Iraq.)

On the way back Eastbound down the mountain after delivering my sons back to their dorm (their car was off-line), I slowed way down as I approached the area. I looked carefully to avoid any animal contact

In the brights, as I looked right I saw a yellow reflection first. As I got closer, I saw the top part of an obviously large creature.

Its arms were spread out to either side. I could see hair hanging from the arms. The elbows were bent slightly. The head appeared flat-faced, huge and slightly higher at the rear. The shoulders were broad. The color was dark. A slight sulfurous odor was detected.

The steep bank hid most of the creature. It was perfectly still. I almost felt it thought it was not visible to passing vehicles.

I went back to the area about 10 days later and saw some scuff marks on the bank side. This area is criss-crossed by many deep ravines and creeks.

After discovering your great sight, my interest was pricked. I've hesitated to turn this one in because it was so fleeting.

ALSO NOTICED: bunch of deer an hour earlier


OTHER STORIES: I had what might be called a class C experience on Simpson Timber land in Mason County, WA in 1984.

I had several customers during that period, primarily in Grays Harbor County that had close encounters, but never thought much about it.

I don't hang around Amherst County. I try to get out as fast as possible.

My oldest son had a frightening experience west of Richmond on the James River. He claimed he reported it to you folks, but he moved back to UT, so even if you tried to contact him, he may have been gone.


ENVIRONMENT: heavy woods

Follow-up investigation report:

After further investigation, witness added the following:

The closest I got was probably about 15', as the car was even with the thing.

I've seen black bears in the wild. There isn't any way a bear could be shaped remotely like the thing I saw.

The arms were LONG and not thick.The hair was about 6".

The eye shine was from a ways up the road. As I pulled even the face was pointed straight across the road.

The angle of the bent elbows was about 20 degrees.

To tell you the truth, I was kind of stunned, numb, and not quite able to digest it.

There was no fear. I'm sure I would have seen nothing had I not slowed down to 25 or so mph and been looking for deer.

I think the thing was pretending to be a bush.

In my 80's experience, I felt utter fear and unreasoned terror, without actually seeing anything.

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