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Report # 9753  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, November 12, 2004.
Animal peers into youngster's bedroom window
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YEAR: 1986

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 7/15/1986

STATE: Arkansas

COUNTY: Jackson County

LOCATION DETAILS: Removed per witness request



OBSERVED: My sighting happened in the Summer of 1986. At the time I was 12 yrs old at the time. I was at my Grandmother's house outside of Bradford, AR.(about 50 miles NE of Little Rock) My Grandparents owned a large farm where the White Co. line and the Jackson Co lines met. It was around 9-930am. I had slept in the guest room that night. When I woke up I had the feeling as if someone was watching me. Their was a window next to the bed and as I looked to see if some one was there I noticed a Bigfoot staring at me through the top pane of the window. I am 6'5" tall and I can only see through the bottom of the window, that may give you an idea of his/her height. He/she was a reddish-brown color. I just looked and stared for probably 30-45 seconds. I never felt threatened or scared at any time. After this time had passed I wanted to see more, so I tried to step out of the bed really soft and when I did the rug that was on the hardwood floor slipped and I lost my footing. As I was down on my knee the Bigfoot stared at me. I was very puzzled. I was at a point where I just had to see what was going on. I then turned and tried to run to the back of the house where I could see him/her. When I got to the back door I seen it running through a field and toward an old barn. It had a very distinctive running style it's hands were straight down and flat. I tried to get my Grandmother and Moms attention but they didn't get there in time. He/she had a very slim, muscular build.

ALSO NOTICED: Nothing really out of the ordinary. After the incident I have never really felt scared or threatened in the woods.

OTHER WITNESSES: 0 witnesses. Couldn't get my Grandmother and Mom to look quick enough.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was an early summer morning. Very bright and sunny, hot outside.

ENVIRONMENT: Woods on the back of the property. A few open pastures. Hills to the west.

Area where the sighting took place.

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with Brion on 12-13-04 for a little over an hour about his experience. He seemed very credible to me, level-headed and was very eager to speak of his encounter. Brion stated he had gone to live with his grandparents when he was 11-12 years old. They were painting his bedroom so he was sleeping in the guest room. Brion said he had started to wake up one summer morning and could hear his mother and grandmother talking in another room when he got the feeling of being watched. He slowly rolled over and saw a large, hairy “something” looking at him through the window. He could see the head, shoulders and part of the torso. Brion described the animal as curious and calm looking as it stared at him with reddish-brown hair, dark eyes, “human-type” face, “big, slightly upturned” nose, with a thick upper lip. He stated he and the animal just stared at each other for a minute and that he felt no fear, but a total calm. Brion referred to it several times as a “she,” however when I questioned him, he said he doesn’t recall details of the torso area or if breasts were apparent. Brion wanted to get a better look at it and rolled to his right intending to stand up. He stated they had wooden floors and a rug lay next to the bed. When he put his foot down to quietly get out of bed, the rug slipped and he fell to one knee. He said the animal slightly tilted its head to the side when he fell and continued to stare at him. Brion said he felt he had to get a better look at it, and ran towards the back of the house, where he would be able to see it better. When he reached the back door, he could see the back of the animal as it was running away from him, through a field behind their home toward a barn on an adjacent property that had woods behind it. The animal went behind the barn and he lost sight of it. Brion had yelled for his mother and grandmother to hurry and come look, but they were slow to respond and missed seeing it.

I questioned Brion further about the animal’s features that he could recall and he stated the eyes were “dark” and weren’t deep-set like that of a gorilla. He could only describe the nose as “big and slightly upturned” and recalled a thick top upper lip and that its face seemed human-like. He didn’t see any eye-shine when I questioned him on this. He estimates it had to have been at least 7 ½ - 8 feet tall and may have weighed around 400 lbs.
I also questioned Brion about his calm reaction and he said it was hard to explain. He said the creature just had this calm look about it, like it was just curious and he never felt threatened at any time. He said its expression almost reminded him of a mother, when they look in on their child, with a gentle expression and that may be why he thought it may have been a female.
I asked Brion to describe the running motion and build of the animal at which he stated it had a slim, muscular, athletic-type build and compared it to a basketball player only bulkier with long arms. He described its running as very distinctive, bipedal, very long strides with the knees slightly bent. He stated its arms remained kind of straight as it ran with only a slight bend at the elbow and that its hands were “straight.” I had to have Brion explain this to me several times to make sure I understood correctly. He explained it by telling me to stand with my arms straight down to my sides, fingers pointed to the floor, thumbs towards your thighs, palm facing towards the back. As the animal swung its arms while running, the fingers/wrist would bend slightly as the arm swung back.

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