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Report # 9694  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, November 4, 2004.
Teens smell odor, have brief sighting
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YEAR: 2004


MONTH: October

DATE: 28

STATE: Pennsylvania

COUNTY: Perry County

LOCATION DETAILS: the directions are kinda hard to explain but if u would kno where Blain, manassa, or Robinson Road are i might be able to explain it. Get back to me with that information please, Thank You!


NEAREST ROAD: Robinson Road

OBSERVED: My friends and I were driving around on all the same roads we do everynite when we spotlight. we got up the road a little bit and we saw this owl in the tree and this one was really close so we stopped to look at it. our windows were down and when we stopped we smelled this awful smell ( like dead people in a funeral home). then the owl flew away and we watched it and when we were getting ready to move again this thing crossed the road in front of us, except when it crossed the road it was at the edge of the hill and stepped in the middle of the road and then onto the top of the embankment. my friends headlights arnt to bright so we only saw the legs and they seemed to be hairy and big but we just wanted outta there and we havent went back since. please get back to me and let me kno if what we saw was bigfoot/sasquatch, Thank you for your time!

ALSO NOTICED: the only thing was the smell and the owl in the tree above.

OTHER WITNESSES: three, we were all listening to the radio driving to the feild up the road to spotlight for deer.

OTHER STORIES: i have heard of one in ickesburg from your website. i also heard from 6 other people in my area that they saw that same object on the same road but on different nights.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: about 8:30 or 9:00 PM/ wasnt really looking at the clock when this happened. it was a clear night and kinda chilly like normal weather for october.

ENVIRONMENT: woods on both sides, and i think there is a stream down the hill and a bridge that is out about half a mile or a mile up the road.

Follow-up investigation report:

Three teens have brief sighting of apparent bigfoot while driving. Witness also is aware of a prior sighting in the vicinity about a month before hers.The witness stated that the animal had a human trait and could not have been a bear.The color was blackish brown.Witness also seems to believe that the animal was pursuing the owl. Area will be under further investigation.

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