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Report # 9367  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, September 22, 2004.
Two family members have night time encounters near Navidad
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YEAR: 2000


MONTH: September

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Jackson County


OBSERVED: Well to begin, my uncle which lives across the street from my parents heard his dogs barking so he got a flashlight and went out in his pasture to check it out. He shined his flashlight to an old vehicle he has in the pasture and saw eyes. He just stood there trying to figure out what it was then he saw it turn and run. He said he beat the dogs back to the house it scared him bad. Well he called my parents telling them about it. They laughed at him and asked him if he had been drinking - he said no, it ran towards y'all. Well my dad went outside to see if he could see anything and he didn't find anything. We thought he was just joking till about a week later my mom went outside to throw something in the trash. She flipped on the porch light and had her back to the back pasture till she got a funny feeling something was wrong. She felt something staring at her. She turned around and all of a sudden my mom ran in the house shaking and crying, saying "that SOB is out there!" She panicked. I said, "Mom what is it?" She said, "He wasn't lying, that thing is out there." My dad ran to the porch to see what it was but by that time it had already ran off. I asked my mom what it looked like after I finally calmed her down she said it was about 7 1/2 to 8 feet tall standing there kind of slumped over with his arms dangling, staring at her. She said the lights reflected off of it and its eyes were glowing red from the porch lights reflection. It looked like it had been bedding down in an old hog pen my parents have. It is in the woods not too far from the creek. Mom saw it twice. We have never told anybody about this cause we didn't want people to think we were crazy or stupid.

ALSO NOTICED: It just stood there and stared. My mom said [it had] a real musky smell. There was hair. Kind of a white color. And a footprint that looked just like a human but a lot larger.


OTHER STORIES: Just the Navidad Wildman.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Nighttime and kinda cool.

ENVIRONMENT: Wooded, pastures, creeks. My parents have a creek running in the back pasture behind the house.

Follow-up investigation report:

I interviewed the daughter, who in this case actually submitted the report, and the mother, who actually saw the creature on two occasions; once behind her house and once very briefly while driving home.

The witness (mother) said that when her brother first told them of what he had seen, the family believed that he had perhaps been drinking a bit much and they made light of his encounter. However, when she turned around that night behind her house to see a large, hairy, bipedal animal standing there, staring at her, the witness immediately realized that her brother was telling the truth.

The witness described the animal as standing beside her husband's truck, and its head was just above the side mirrors, which would put it at approximately eight feet in height. It was the witness's impression that the creature was curious about the truck, because it was standing directly next to it. The witness recalled the animal's color as a "light gray from head to toe." It had hair that was about "three or four inches" long all over its body, and the hair hung down to its eyes. Apparently, the porch light caused the eyes of the animal to have the appearance of "glowing red." The witness remembered distinctly that the animal did not at all seem aggressive or threatening, and just seemed to be standing there in a slightly slumped stance. Even so, the witness still had a feeling of great fear and rushed back into the house, slamming the door. The face of the animal was "like a human, but also like a monkey." However, the face was flat like a human without a protruding chin like a chimp or orangutan. The witness remembered that its nose was flat. The sighting lasted a few seconds before the witness hurriedly fled into the house.

The witness said that her encounter was at a distance of about twenty five feet and was perhaps close enough that if the animal wanted to harm her, it could easily have done so.

On another occasion, about a week later, the witness saw the same animal at the creek as she drove and her lights illuminated it. She remarked that at that time, she remembered the animal putting up a hand, seemingly to block the light.

The witness told me that on occasion, they have heard unfamiliar growling howls originating from down the creek at night. She is confident that the sounds are from the same animal, or another of its kind. The property is only a few miles from the Lavaca River.

I asked the witness if she knew of anyone else in her area who had ever seen anything like what she saw. The witness was certain that she was not the first to have seen the animal or others like it. Apparently, there have been sightings of similar animals in the area for many years. The witness said that the locals referred to the animal(s) as the "Navidad Wildman." The witness said, "We have them down here - Sasquatch, Bigfoot, whatever you want to call it - I'm living proof."

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