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Report # 9253  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, August 31, 2004.
Two sightings by Cree man north of The Pas
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YEAR: 2002


MONTH: September


PROVINCE: Manitoba


LOCATION DETAILS: The location is 12 miles north of The Pas, Manitoba on highway 10 and then 3 miles to the left on dirt road


NEAREST ROAD: No. 10 highway

OBSERVED: I was out moose hunting in September of 2002 north of The Pas,Manitoba approximately 15 miles away and well off the main highway 10 heading north west. I was in my tree stand that i had built in the month of August and is about 13 feet off the ground facing a small river and a large clearing. The incident happened at about 10:00 pm when the light is just above the tree line and can't see much of the ground, it started when i called in a bull moose, the moose was no more then 200 yards away from me and moving toward the clearing. I heard somthing to my left and walking toward the moose. This thing was walking fast as it only took it about a few seconds to cross the clearing.The moose of course stopped grunting and took off very fast the opposite direction. I thought this was a bigger moose and was excited at the prospect of bagging a big bull moose. The sound of the steps came around along the bushline to my right after that and came closer to my stand. I got ready with my 30-06 british enfield and as the thing got about 50 yards fom me, my tree stand gave me up by making a small creeking sound when i moved a bit to get up from my chair. I seen this thing and it was'nt a moose but a sasquatch, still fairly young, it stood about 8-9 feet tall, judging it's mass probably weighing in the area of 320-350 lbs. When the boards on my stand creeked the sasquatch ducked behind some willow trees and that's where it stayed for the next 30-40 minutes observing me and I it. The sasquatch eventually made its way going toward the north east and i went on with my hunt. I eventually bagged a bull moose at about 4:00 am the next day and i had an experience i'll probably never forget. If this animal wanted to kill me it probably would have done it, but i feel that they are harmless if a person does'nt panic and start shooting it for nothing.

ALSO NOTICED: The thing ducked immediately once it heard an unframiliar sound. automatic reaction as if it were taught to do so.

OTHER WITNESSES: was by myself

OTHER STORIES: We have always heard of stories and we have had some wierd experiences around The Pas hunting areas within the past few seasons like wierd sounds or calls at night when we hunt.


ENVIRONMENT: calm, large clearing with some willow trees, small river running through

Follow-up investigation report:

This man was very interesting and believable. In addition to the sighting he describes here he mentioned to me that when he was 11 years old (1972 or 1973) he had a very good sasquatch sighting on highway #6 about 2-3 miles south of Grand Rapids, Manitoba.

He’d walked down #6 to look for his friends who he thought would be playing at a dump further south, and he saw a furry brown animal lying in the ditch eating berries. It was about 2:00 PM, a hot summer day, and he thought it was a bear, so he yelled and threw stones at it to make it move away. It stood up and was really huge – 13-14-15 feet tall, he thought, even accounting for the fact that he was a four foot something kid at the time. The arms were like 45 gallon drums, he said, and it was very muscular all over, just massive, he said.

It walked up out of the ditch, across the road, looked over at him (it had been close enough for him to throw rocks at it), continued down into the other ditch, and before it entered the bush on the other side he yelled at it: Hey! (He wasn’t afraid of it, he said). It stopped, turned, and looked at him; they looked at each other for some seconds. He waved at it then, and without gesturing back it turned back and disappeared into the bush remarkably silently.

The witness said the animal had long arms, was light brown, walked upright, had really massive muscles in its legs, and was just extremely big in every respect. He saw its face – eyes, nose, and mouth. The great size of the creature struck him the most; he seemed unable to overstate it. Are you sure it was over 10 feet tall, I asked? Oh yes, it was a lot taller than 10 feet, he said. It crossed the ditches and road, 70 to 80 feet, he estimated, in 7 or 8 strides. In discussing the animal’s size and its reaction to seeing him, he remarked, “Oh, yeah, it was Boss of the Bush.” He thought it was a male because it didn’t have breasts and it just seemed male. When he first saw it, the animal was lying on its side in sort of a fetal position, apparently eating berries – strawberries, he thought, which were numerous there in the ditch.

When he had the sighting while moose hunting, the witness had been using a moose call and had bull moose urine sprinkled around the base of the tree he was in. He was under the impression that the “sasquatch” that interrupted that hunt was a younger one than the animal he’d seen when he was a kid, because it moved more noisily, it had difficulty seeing him in the tree, and it was smaller, about 9 feet tall, he thought.

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