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Report # 9089  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, August 2, 2004.
While heading to cabin at 6:30 a.m., husband and wife have sighting near Wipsipinicon River
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YEAR: 2004

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 16


COUNTY: Buchanan County

LOCATION DETAILS: Near Wipsipinicon River by Troy Mills



OBSERVED: A 38-year-old man and his wife were driving on an unimproved road to a relative’s cabin at 6:30 A.M. on July 16, 2004 when they smelled a horrible odor. Soon afterward they saw a “massive” creature standing up ahead about 50 yards on the right side of the trail. The couple looked at it and it looked at them – its eye’s were red, thought the wife (conveyed by the husband). After a moment it turned and walked off with long strides into the cover.

The creature’s description:
• Covered in reddish-brown hair
• Not much of a neck, head sunk into shoulders
• Hands came to or below its knees
• About 7 feet tall, weight about 500 pounds
• “Looked like an ape type thing”
• Had an ape/human like face

The witnesses did not submit a written report but I have spoken to the husband twice by phone about the incident. His wife refused to talk to me about it, apparently because the incident frightened her badly and it is too upsetting to recount. The husband said she doesn’t like to speak about it even to him. He impressed me as completely sincere and told me the sighting has made him think differently about some strange past events from that area.

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