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Report # 908  (Class B)
Submitted by witness D.H. on Wednesday, December 13, 2000.
Hunter hears loud vocalizations as the animal moves around him, hunting partner hears it as well
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YEAR: 1983


MONTH: November

DATE: unsure

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Cheboygan County

LOCATION DETAILS: this is the real deal and I WILL NOT give details to this location at this time for security reasons I KNOW THEY ARE ALIVE IN MICHIGAN

NEAREST TOWN: cheboygan


OBSERVED: TO WHOM IT CONCERNS: I was hunting in Cheboygan county at A location that I wish to keep seceret at this time. at 6:45 am I was starteld by noise and movement in the distance. it was more noise than actual move ment. somthing was on the move andI had know Idea what it was it moved slowly around me at A distance of about 80yrds. in a half circle until down wind. it new I was there but had know idea whereI was. when it got down wind it made a sound that was ear ringing. the only way to decribe it would be tosay that it was asound like someone SCREAMING!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEE followed by to or three grunts this went on for about two mins. then what ever it was turned and went for extremely thick cover that was there. I wish to inform you that Ihave been A big game hunter for 25yrs and never before or after have I had such A experiance. in the woods date and location withheld at this point for ovious reasons but it was in Cheboygan county

ALSO NOTICED: it showed NO fear but at the same time kept its distance it has a brain with reasoning power I can tell you this because that was the way I felt after this in counter like I was in its personal space and it wanted me out but couldnt or didnt know how to remove me without indangering its self so itscreamed at meno

OTHER WITNESSES: YES I was with ahunting partner that also heard it scream but he will remain secret also

OTHER STORIES: noI have not but Ive kept a lid on my incounter

TIME AND CONDITIONS: day break low at best cold and crisp ground was crunchy


Follow-up investigation report:

Witness has revealed location and hunting partner to this investigator, emphasized loudness of vocalizations.

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