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Report # 8757  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, May 28, 2004.
Geologist sees creature and becomes a bigfoot believer
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YEAR: 2004

SEASON: Spring


DATE: 22

PROVINCE: Manitoba


LOCATION DETAILS: on west side of road there was stand of black poplar. also a few hundred meters farther on there was a dead deer on the west side with ravens feeding.

NEAREST TOWN: Grand Rapids Manitoba


Well I've only told this to one other person so far so here goes. I was driving North from Winnipeg Manitoba to Thompson Manitoba on Hwy # 6. It was a clear day no traffic the time was 11:50am and 34 km south of the turn off to Easterville (I took note) and roughly 200 meters in front of me this black upright two legged animal ran across the road east to west into the bush not taking more than 5 strides.
I could clearly see that it was upright, on two legs and its arms were swinging.

I will be travelling thru this area on May 30 2004 and I am going to stop and see if there is any physical evidence ...if I have the nerve.

ALSO NOTICED: dead dear on road not far from sighting

OTHER WITNESSES: no witnesses

OTHER STORIES: yes and also farther north of Thompson
I will be travelling thru this area on May 30 2004 and I am going to stop and see if there is any physical evidence ...if I have the nerve

i was heading north sun was not a problem
clear skys
approx 10 deg C

ENVIRONMENT: mixed pine spruse poplar
flat limestone landscape
area between Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba
central Manitoba

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness is a man who has lived in Thompson, Manitoba since 1958 and does geological exploration work for a local mining company. I spoke with him twice by phone.

Since the sighting was fairly distant, about 200 meters, the witness could not provide a detailed description of the animal he saw. However he was absolutely convinced he’d seen a sasquatch. The area of the sighting is vast, flat, low-lying bush, absolute wilderness with no buildings for many miles (I was there myself, where he had his sighting, about a year ago). The creature he saw ran, definitely upright on two legs, and with long swinging arms. He said there’s no way it was a bear. And when I asked what his level of confidence was that it wasn’t a man, he said 100%.

Whatever it was ran from one side of the road across and disappeared into the dark, thick bush on the opposite side – a completely inappropriate thing for a human to do, the witness noted. And he said the thing was all black and simply didn’t look human.

The witness said he’d traveled all over the wild country of Manitoba for 40 years, doing his job and just living, and he’d never seen anything like what he saw May 22nd, 2004. He said he’d had an open mind about the possible existence of bigfoot but that now he knows it’s real.

As indicated in the witness’s report, he did return to the place of the sighting a few days later to inspect the area for tracks, and to take photographs and a GPS reading. Unfortunately it was raining fairly hard, and had been raining for some time, so he didn’t spend much time there searching for tracks the animal might have left, but he did take pictures and identify the GPS coordinates for the spot.

The first picture, above, shows the view (looking north) he had during the sighting. The road sign on the left (west) side of the road, and the car approaching from the south-bound lane, are in the approximate place where the creature crossed. (The sign and car, fairly invisible in this format, are where the road is seen to bend east - at least the photograph shows the setting).

The second picture is of a deer carcass, which the witness saw at the time of the sighting lying near where the creature crossed. He told me about the deer the first time I spoke to him (shortly after his sighting and before he returned to the scene), and I suggested he inspect it when he returned for any nearby tracks. He said the carcass was fairly fresh at the time of the sighting. The witness speculated that the log that seems to be lying across the deer might have been deposited there by high water flowing in the ditch. That seems odd but the idea that it had to do with the deer’s death, and at the hand of the sasquatch, strikes me odder (he didn’t suggest that, only that the creature he saw may have been there because it was interested in the dead deer). Most likely, it was road killed. In any case it’s an interesting picture and shows how wet the place was.

The witness was very good, one of these people who, to me, was clearly being honest about what he saw, and what he thought about it. It’s very unfortunate that he was frightened by the big, man-like beast that ran in front of him into the bush there in the middle of nowhere. If he hadn’t let it bother him he could have stopped, gotten out, and walked around by himself next to the forest where the creature went… and maybe found tracks there in the soft clay of those ditches.

The location of the sighting provided by the witness:
lat long of site....52 41' N, 98 57' W
UTM of site.........5837414 m.N, 503274 m.E (UTM Zone 14 nad 83, topo sheet 63B10)

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