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Report # 859  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, December 5, 2000.
Two men in car see hairy, upright animal on side of road near Turner, Maine
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YEAR: 1986


MONTH: October

DATE: 15

STATE: Maine

COUNTY: Androscoggin County

LOCATION DETAILS: There used to be a club Circle Electric. There was a rd just before it coming from the north. this rd came to another. We took a left about 2 mile down is were we saw the animal. I believe it was Rt 127.



OBSERVED: My freind Tom and I were going to a club in Turner Maine and took a back road to save time. The radio was turned up and we were just driving when we passed a very hairy animal standing upright on the side of the road. The height I estimate to be at least 6'0 and the weight approximetly 200lbs. I immedietly looked at tom who in turned looked at me and stated that he also had just seen something. It looked like it was about to cross the road. When we got to the club we told some people what we had seen and they said that others have also seen something in the area and even had a name for it .Loopgaroo...

ALSO NOTICED: Like I said others were reported as seeing somthing in the area

OTHER WITNESSES: My freind Tom Drottar who was driving also saw the animal.

OTHER STORIES: So many other sightings of the animal caused people in the area to give it the name"Loopgaroo"

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was a cool fall night 50's. It was dark about 8pm

ENVIRONMENT: The side of the road was heavy pines and evergreens.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator John Perry:

On April 12, 2001, the witness added the following information:

The witness was the passenger. Both the driver and reporting witness saw the animal, and immediately afterward confirmed with each other that they had seen a bigfoot. Witness stated that it definitely wasn't a bear, moose, or other animal, and that if it wasn't a bigfoot then it was a man in a fur suit. Hair was described as light brown, and very long ("hanging off of it"). The animal was in mid-stride, appearing ready to cross the road.

This area is rural with numerous agricultural fields. Also, the route number was likely Rt. 117.

"Loopgaroo" is the phonetic spelling of loup garou, which is French for werewolf. Maine has a strong French-Canadian heritage.

About BFRO Investigator John Perry:

John is a biologist from Maine.

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