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Report # 823  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, November 14, 1998.
Witness heard screams coming from the direction of the hay field.
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YEAR: 1997

SEASON: Spring


DATE: may of 1997

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Tuscola County

LOCATION DETAILS: kingston michigan, tuscola county

OBSERVED: i am reporting this for a friend who witnessed the event. i was not in any way involved. my friend andy left for work one morning his first stop was to pick up his brother in law in kingston (they work for the same county), he got to johns house (the brother in law) about 5:00am in the kingston area a small farming community in michigans thumb area. john owns a 20 acre farm some what wooded itself but surrounded by heavily wooded old forests. any way when andy got to johns house it was still dark he got out of the car and heard a scream come from the hay field but could'nt see anything a minute later he heard it again on the other side of the house. by this time he was at the door to the house. when john came out there was no more screams. andy quite shaken told john what he heard john told him the night before him and his wife were on the porch after dark and heard a
scream coming from the hay field john went to investigate but could see nothing but heard the scream again just out of sight he walked toward the scream but could not see anything this went on for about an hour but never saw any thing so went back to the house. all night long they heard screams around the house but never real close to the house. and since then it has not happened again.

OTHER WITNESSES: sitting on porch, going to work

ENVIRONMENT: hay fields, corn fields old forest very large trees

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