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Report # 807  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, April 17, 1997.
A family observes a small group of bigfoots swim across White Lake.
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YEAR: 1910

SEASON: Unknown

DATE: The incident happened in 1910.

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Livingston County

LOCATION DETAILS: White Lake, in Fenton, Michigan, Livingston County. Just west of White Lake Rd. About a half-mile from US 23.

OBSERVED: When my grandmother was 63 years old we were watching a progrom about bigfoot on TV. The report didn't impress her. She had been quiet while watching, then said :

"That's nothing ... One day when I was about seven years old I was standing on the hill leading down to the lake when I saw five of them at the edge of the water. I ran to get my parents. I, my father, my mother and younger brother watched the five of them swim over to the little oak woods on the north side of the lake.

They had no clothes on and they were hairy. There were three large ones and two small ones. We never saw them again."

The children were not allowed off the porch for weeks after that, which she remembers very well as not being pleasant. Her parents were German immigants and her father instructed her mother and the children never to tell anyone because people would begin to ridicule them as crazy immigrants.

This day was the first time she'd told anyone else about it. My granfather looked at her not like she was crazy but like he was kinda hurt that she had never told him in all the years they were married.

In 1992 the population around that area had grown tremendously but the little oak woods was still there intact when I took my children to see it.

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