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Report # 8067  (Class A)
Submitted on Sunday, February 22, 2004.
Deer hunter encounters bigfoot at Caddo Lake near Karnack
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YEAR: 1987


STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Harrison County


OBSERVED: I was deer hunting on a piece of land called Benton right off of Caddo lake. I was standing at the shore line watching the water when I saw something out of the side of my eye. Looked to my left and saw an animal come out of the water, look both ways and then walk into the woods. The animal was large even at the 50 yard distance dividing us. As I was walking back to the truck I saw a foot print in some loose soil.

ALSO NOTICED: Large hair covered animal. Footprint in some soft soil. There was no smell.

OTHER STORIES: I have heard of similar happenings in that area all of my life. Though I had not been witness to them.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Evening, cold and clear.

ENVIRONMENT: Swampy and wooded.

Follow-up investigation report:

I have spoken with this witness several times as this sighting is within a mile from where I now live. He is a very credible witness.

Witness was still hunting for deer at mid-afternoon. He was concealed at the waters edge on the south east side of Benton Lake off Big Cypress Bayou above Caddo Lake, when he noticed movement out of the side of his eye. Witness observed an animal in the motion of standing up from a crouched position, standing in approximately 1 foot of water. Animal then looked from side to side and walked out of the water and disappeared into the woods. Animal was standing and walking on two feet. Animal did not notice him as he was well camouflaged and off to the side at about 50 yards.

Witness got to observe animal for what seemed like two minutes as it looked around and walked off. Animal appeared to be 6 feet tall, covered with hair from head to toe. It appeared to be black in color but was in the shadows of trees and had no direct sunlight on it. Witness could not make out facial details. Being alone and somewhat startled, he did not go to look at the place where animal walked out of the water but left the scene. On his way back to his truck he did see one very large footprint in some loose soil.

Witness is 29 years old. He has hunted this area all his life, has heard many stories of Bigfoot and has heard many unexplained noises, seen many possible foot prints but this is his only actual sighting. This sighting is only 1/4 mile from another sighting during winter of 2001 by one of our locals that will not go public with his sighting, and is 3/4 mile from where I had and encounter (no actual sighting) with a possible Bigfoot, also during winter of 2001.

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