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Report # 7771  (Class A)
Submitted by witness John on Thursday, January 15, 2004.
Witness has late night sighting near Georgetown
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YEAR: 2004

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

DATE: 13

STATE: Delaware

COUNTY: Sussex County

LOCATION DETAILS: A back road to route 9, Asbury Rd, Near Del Tech. Asbury Rd is a long route that stretches from georgtown to Laurel. I saw this being near Del. Tech in Georgetown.

NEAREST TOWN: Georgetown

NEAREST ROAD: Old Furnace Rd

OBSERVED: I was coming home from a night class at Del. Tech. I usually take a back road over to route 9 to get home faster. So i left college and made my way home on my normal backroad detour. I got throught the first half of the twisted road and came up on the stop sign to turn right on to Asbury road. As i did i turned on my high beams. I came around a turn that leads to about a quater-mile, or a little more, stretch of road. About 3/4 of the way down the road i could make out a standing figure next to a utility pole. So immeadiatly i turned off my high beams, thinking it was a person because it was standing up. As i got closer to this being i was taken back by its size. I started to slow down not knowing it, i guess because i was puzzled and curious. As i stared I could make out its bottom side, broad shoulders, the fact that it was standing with its back to me looking into the woods, and hair that came to a point at the top of its head. This entire figure had a thick black cover of hair, with no hair on its hands. I could not see its feet. Standing next to the utility pole gave me some reference for height. I estimate it was aorund 7 to 8 ft tall. I was almost past this creature when it looked at me and then looked back to the woods as if it did'nt care i was there. Once i made eye contact the hair on my arms stood up and i peeled out of the location. I was confused as to what just happened and could'nt believe what i witnessed. It also is hard to comprehend that i have seen a bigfoot and I have seen something that does'nt exist.

ALSO NOTICED: I found it interesting that there was another sighting last year not too far from where i had my sighting. I found this out after i came home from when i saw this thing and visited this sight.

OTHER WITNESSES: I wish i was'nt alone but i was. I plan on investigating more myself with some friends.

OTHER STORIES: Yes there was. I had no idea of it untill i visited this sight and read about it.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: it was 8:55 pm. There was no light what so ever. The weather was chilly, around 30 degress and breezy.

ENVIRONMENT: Forest, near a creek

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Ron B.:

Witness sketched what he saw.

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