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Report # 7671  (Class B)
Submitted on Tuesday, December 30, 2003.
Nurse has roadside encounter with "very large, dark figure."
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YEAR: 2002


MONTH: October

DATE: 30

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Rusk County



OBSERVED: I was driving north on 259 from Henderson, TX at approximately 1:30 am. I was about 9 to 9 1/2 miles from the Alford Landon Loop around Henderson. There was patchy fog. I had crossed over 2 creeks and saw a very large, dark figure just off the highway to my right. It was standing next to a group of trees that jutted out from the wooded area. I didn't slow down to get a better look because quite frankly, I was scared to death!

I had just gotten off work where I am a nurse. I had been at work for an extremely long time (19 hrs) and I was very tired, but not too tired to pay attention to my surroundings. Most of my training for working is attention to detail.

ALSO NOTICED: I don't recall seeing the face or eyes, probably because I was very tired and wasn't quite sure of exactly what I had seen, but being a nurse, I know that what I saw was not human. I would estimate it to be about 7 feet tall. It was furry.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: 1:30 am, patchy fog.


Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke to the witness on 10/31/2002. We received an email from her sister informing us of the witness’s sighting. Her sister has filed a report with the TBRC this year.

The temperature was is the upper 50’s. There was patchy fog. There was also a quarter moon. The time was between 1:30am- 1:45am. The witness had just finished working a 19-hour shift in Henderson, TX. She was very tired. While driving northbound on SH259, from Henderson to Kilgore, TX, the witness spotted a dark figure on the right hand side of the road. The figure was approximately 20-25 feet from the road. Her judgment of distance may have been off due to lack of sleep. The creature was standing on the edge of the woods. This area is very wooded. The height of the animal was 7 feet tall. She could not make out details of the face.

There are houses spread out far apart during this stretch of highway. There are creeks in this area. I asked the witness, “How did she know it wasn’t human.” Her answer was, “It was too big to be human.”

There have been additional reports submitted from this area.

TBRC Investigator

Witness said she was northbound on 259 heading home after a 19 hour shift. As she rounded curve, her headlights showed an animal on the side of the road, beside a group of trees. She described her encounter as what she believed to be a Bigfoot. Standing, facing away from her, stooped down, then stood again. She said it appeared to have something in its grasp in front of it, as she slowed down. She described the animal as being dark in color, covered with hair, & very tall. Although the time length was less than a minute, she couldn’t describe any features of the head, neck, etc. She said she became frightened, scared & sped away.

A co-worker concerned about her safety after working a long schedule, called her to make sure she reached home safely. This co-worker could tell something was wrong, & continued to ask if she was alright. After several questions, the witness finally confided in her friend, that she’d seen a large animal on the side of the road, standing upright, then kneeled, & stood back up, again. She admitted to being shaken up, but demanded confidentiality.

I met with this witness on November 11, 2002. She led me to where this happened. Although she was only able to give vague details (head, neck, shoulders & arms), she appeared to be very upfront with body language, speech, actions, & crackling voice.

Upon my investigation of the area, found 3 different trails where grass was heavily laid around cluster of trees. Tracks measuring 37 cm long, & 12 cm wide, yet not defined worth for casting. The trees only had new growth, below the 9 foot level. There were no hair samples on trees, barbed wire fence, nor was it damaged (down). Also light brush markings on trees. Further observation resulted in partial tracks under bridge, leading to the other side of the highway.

Sissy (one of my dogs) & I spent the night at a picnic area, located south of this area. Tents are prohibited in this area. Shortly after 10:00 PM, a dog barked (half bark, half howl), until 1:30 AM. After it stopped, other dogs in the area continued. Different dogs close by, continued barking nearing the picnic area. At about 2:45 AM, Sissy growled, at the same time I smelled the familiar odor, when I had my sighting. Shortly after this, I saw 2 glowing eyes toward the creek, which occurred about 3 minutes in length. They vanished as a truck parked behind me started the engine to get warm.

The next morning, I found raccoon tracks close to the creek, & personally feel the red was a reflection from the radio tower, from the raccoon’s eyes.

We also traveled up 322, toward Gregg Airport. We checked out several creeks, & rafted one in particular. We found abundant wildlife & recognized many of the dogs’ barks, from previous night.

Overall, we had a very good observation & research of this area. It was extremely cold, & informative. I also packed on this trip, & was checked out twice, thoroughly. For what it’s worth, this area is NOT for the weak hearted. Tents & fires are prohibited in this area. Snakes are atrocious.

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