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Report # 7637  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, December 26, 2003.
Parents pursue 7 1/2' tall female biped across pasture after being alerted by daughter
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YEAR: 2002


MONTH: October

DATE: 18

STATE: California

COUNTY: Siskiyou County


OBSERVED: Last year when I was 12 I saw a Creature. It was about
9:45 pm. It all started when I was taking my dog outback to go to the bathroom. When I got outside I felt like I was being watched but ignored the feeling untill the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I became very nervous when my dog stood still, looked away from the house, and growled. We lived on nine acres in a rural mountain setting near a river and at first I thought it might be a cougar or a bear in the dark. Then I shined the flashlight in the direction the dog was staring, and I saw two large hairy animals go over the fence. The larger one was about seven and a half feet tall and was a female. She just stepped over the five foot tall barbed wire and wood post fence like an athelete. The smaller animal was about five and a half feet tall and it used a fence post to help it leap over the fence. They both had yellow eyes. Like a cat. Their hair color ranged from a very dark to a light brown. They both had an ape like head.

Then I ran back inside with my dog and told my mom and dad that I saw two Bigfoots. At first I was really scared. Then my parents went after it,not to hurt it but to see it up close. I wanted to go but they woudn't let me.(BUMMER!) When they got back they told me what they saw and what happend. My dad said when he shone the flashlight on the momma he said she just stood there an stared at him. My mom said once she and dad passed the gate toward the acerage she smelt a wet-dog,musty smell.The wierd thing is that the smaller bigfoot was nowhere in sight..The momma bigfoot must have hidden the younger bigfoot either behind her or by the river.My mom said she kept hearing noises behind her.The next day me,mom,and my dad saw huge tracks in the grass.

ALSO NOTICED: Yes, I noticed some grass that was laying down,but there wasn't any deer in the area. The grass that was down was too big of a place to be any deer.

OTHER WITNESSES: Most of My family (two other people)

OTHER STORIES: My mom and I found some hair near a creek at another time ,but it didn't look like any animal hair we had ever seen before.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was about 9:45 pm.
It was clear with a full moon.

ENVIRONMENT: River,mountains,high grass.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Roland Wolfe:

Talked with the family and they all seemed very sincere and excited about the event their daughter had described. They were very sure that the animals they saw were not bears, cougars, or any large antlered type animals. The daughter was approximately 50' from the animals and the father estimated he got as close as 30' to the larger animal when he opened the gate to the acreage. He reported the animal was standing next to a small grove of apple, pear and nut trees which were abundant with fruit. He said the animal looked like a gorilla or orangutan. The animal left at a fast pace, not on the run, and the man and his wife tried to run after it but lost visual contact with it in the pasture when the man stopped to let his wife catch up. The animal did turn and look back at the man as it vacated area. The man indicated that the animal was at least twice as wide as himself through the torso area. He said he was not frightened at first but felt a sense of awe at being able to see this fine creature. The daughter made a sketch of the animals she saw.

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