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Report # 75256  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, December 8, 2022.
Retired Police officer hears whoops on Lake Zoar/Housatonic River, Sandy Hook CT
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YEAR: 2022

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 15

STATE: Connecticut

COUNTY: Litchfield County

LOCATION DETAILS: I live in Sandy Hook CT. on Lake Zoar about 1/4 mile South of the Shepaug Dam. There is a large farm in this area and the Housatonic River {Lake Zoar} runs between my house and the Sight of the incident.The area is heavely forested and housing is apparent along the Lake.

NEAREST TOWN: Southbury, CT.


OBSERVED: This is a very short report. One evening in late July i opened our back sliding door to let the dog out. When I did about 10 seconds after opening the door I heard a Roar with a Yip on the end of it happen 2x, Each Roar with Yip was aprox. 3 seconds long , about 5 seconds apart. This happened 2x in aprox. 10 seconds with no other Roars or sighting.

ALSO NOTICED: I only heard the Roar 2x and nothing else.


OTHER STORIES: Back in the Late 1990's early 2000's there was an incident in Newtown CT {Sandy Hook} of many rocks being thrown from a hill onto houses below at Eiklers Cove Marina. Newtown Pokice did an Investigation of this incident and I belive on Officer was almost hit be one of these rocks. The never were able to find out what threw the rocks.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: This happened aprox. @ 8pm. at dusk on a warm and clear night.

ENVIRONMENT: Heavy Forest along the River next to a large farm just down river from a Dam.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Mike Young:

Retired Newtown Police Officer. Very credible. Deep roar and growl at the same time. Roars lasted about 3 seconds with a noticeable "yip" rise in tone. Witness had just tied up his dog. Location was a state forest with farms nearby.

About BFRO Investigator Mike Young:

Mike Young is a BFRO investigator and has attended Bigfoot expeditions in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio, and New Jersey. His BFRO investigations have been published in the Albany Times Union, the New York Post, and Fox News Channel.

A data and security specialist, Mike has a Business and Technology degree from Fordham University and a graduate degree in IT Management from the University of Virginia. He has given speeches on IT Security at the National Security Agency in Fort Meade, Maryland and Cybersecurity conferences in NYC, Ottawa Canada, and Silicon Valley California. He currently lives in Connecticut.

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