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Report # 7505  (Class A)
Submitted on Sunday, December 7, 2003.
Woman sees creature by dog kennels in area close to Lake O' the Pines.
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YEAR: 2003


MONTH: November

DATE: 27

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Harrison County



OBSERVED: I have a dog kennel where i raise and sell puppies. Every night when I get up out of the bed to go to the bath room I look out my window to check my kennels. My bathroom window looks out over my dog kennels. I don't turn on my lights while doing this because it obstructs my view. I thought I was seeing things. There standing on the other side of the pens was a 7 to 8 ft hairy creature. The dogs were all in their houses as if cowering and it was deathly quiet. He was standing facing the dog pen at which point he turned to the east walked about three steps then he turned to the north and stood there. That's when I went and got my mother. She saw it too but not as clear as I. It stood there after my mom came in then it walked into the woods. My house is surrounded on three sides by woods. It is very secluded. Every night it's here and we are terrified. It screams often. My children have heard it. I know I sound like a fruitcake I don't tell anyone because I feel like people will think I'm crazy. I'm buying motion lights to see if it will make him go away. If you know of any other method to chase him away, please, please let me know. There is no man that lives here. He's here every night, we can hear him scream. I don't know if neighbors have heard or seen anything. I don't want to be made fun of.

DESCRIPTION: 7 to 8 foot tall. I couldn't see any facial features because of the light. There is a security light by the kennels, but its not very good. His knees moved like a person's, not a bear. He had hair all over him his feet were large, that's about the best description I can give

ALSO NOTICED: No footprints, just bushes bent and broke. A little fence around a cats grave was bent down. Something screams occasionally, mostly at night. It sounds like a woman blood curdling, loud with a little bit of growl to it. We have caught whiffs of something awful from time to time.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Early morning. 3 am.

ENVIRONMENT: Wooded, small swamp running through back of property.

Follow-up investigation report:

I interviewed both witnesses. I found them both very straight forward in their answers and believe all that they told me.

The witness, a 38 year old mother of two, saw the creature at 3:00 AM as she glanced out her bathroom window at her dog pens which is her normal habit every time she is in there as this window looks directly at her dog pens. The dog pens are quite close to her house and made of wide spaced fence wire combined with chain link fence for the smaller dogs. The animal was viewed through the wide spaced fence leaving a clear view. Distance from bathroom window to where animal was first viewed was 40 feet. Animal was facing her and swaying sideways. Animal turned and walked 12 feet and stopped with its back to the house. Witness, almost in a state of shock, went and woke up her mother and they both returned to bathroom to view the animal still standing where it stopped, apparently it then heard them talking or for whatever reason the animal walked off disappearing into the underbrush.

The underbrush and woods start about 6 feet beyond her dog pens and surrounds their house on three sides within 10 to 20 feet.

Description of Animal: Very tall and broad built with long hair standing on two legs like a human. She did not notice the facial features. Her attention was drawn to the fact that the legs bent back at the knees like a human, it's arms hung just a couple inches below its knees. It had long black hair, noticed that the hair flowed around the legs and feet as it moved. She noticed that the feet were very large. Animals head was even with the roof top of dog shelter beside where it stopped. I measured roof top and it is 6 1/2 feet above the ground. The animal made no noise and all her dogs (approximately 30) were all deathly quiet.

Lighting: Clear starlight night, no moon as it had already set that night. There is a very old and dim yard security light 25 feet from the house atop a 15 foot pole and approximately 5 feet to the left of where she first viewed the animal.

The Terrain: House is on a small rise surrounded by very dense underbrush, woods & swamp land. There is a spring fed creek about a 100 yards behind their house that flows into the Little Cypress River about 4 miles south.

Other Events: Their have been many unexplained vocalizations, heavy stomping noise, occasional strong sewer smells, and loss of chickens that make since now that they have actually seen the animal. An unseen animal returned around midnight last night walking around their house close enough for them to hear it breathing between making hooting or grunting sounds.

Conclusion: I believe that they are visited by a Bigfoot and we need to do more investigation in the area. We currently have game cameras mounted in the area and are staking the area out.

TBRC Investigator

Update as of 12 January 2004:

Mother - Sighting/Vocalizations
Grandmother - Vocalizations
Son - Vocalizations
Two 5 year old girls

Date: December 6, 2003
Weather: 60’s and clear during the day/ 40’s to 30’s clear at night.
Time of year: Fall
Time in area: 9 hours

Investigation follow up of the area by 2 TBRC Investigators. Another TBRC Investigator did the first meeting with the family. After the first meeting he deployed two game cameras.
One by the NW back corner of house and second on the NE side of the dog kennel. Because of the high volume of outside loose animals; i.e., cats and dogs, all pictures taken during the stay were of these animals. Because of this, the cameras were removed from the house area and one was placed 150 to 250 feet from the house going east from the dog kennel. There are also two bait bags placed in this area. One 6 ft from the ground and another eight feet from the ground.

After arriving Saturday about 1 pm, TBRC Investigators met with the mother and son. The mother recounted her sighting of the evening of Nov. 27, 2003 Thanksgiving.

The nights before the sighting took place she mentioned that
vocalizations were heard near the house and from the hill that is northeast of the house (Red Hill - this name was given the
hill because the large amounts of red iron ore soil color of the

After speaking with the mother and son, the TBRC investigators took a look around the house with the son, age 11, as guide. As we walked through the brush to the west of the dog kennels we came upon an area that had a chicken or a large bird’s feathers on the ground that were white in color. It looked as though a bird had all its feathers taken off and possibly eaten here or elsewhere. The area was about 3 X 3 feet with feathers now flattened into the ground. There was no other evidence found. It should be noted that the residence has numerous free roaming domestic cats. Other animals in the area include bobcat, cougar/mountain lion, wild hogs, deer and coyote. Near the feathers we noticed a walnut tree. Most of the nuts were on the ground and not eaten. We were told there are also wild plums and wild berries in the area.

We also noticed while hiking, many natural underground springs. They were very sporadic in areas were the up welling water would create small 1 foot wide by 100’s feet long canals. We noticed small animal, raccoon/possum tracks near the small streams. Also, a number of deer tracks were found.

We hiked the area by the house along a road that leads west of the property. It is a white, sandy road just to your right and before you get to the residence about 30 yards from the
house. This road can be driven on with most trucks 2wd or 4wd when dry. We hiked this road north from the beginning. The road is flanked on both sides by very thick forests. The
road about 100 to 200 yards up, there is a turn off that goes east up the hill to a red hill.

There is a yellow plastic sign 4 ft. tall saying “WARNING PIPELINE CROSSING” this is a marker that will take you up the hill. At the top of the hill is a pump station. This area
to the right as you come up is covered in many wild blackberries. The top of the hill is where we would make Base Camp later. The hill has a hard red sand/sandstone that covers the ground. The forest is covered with pine and many other species of trees up here. The hill top is very flat and you could probably park 100 cars up there. Very large area. I
noticed 4 wheeler tracks in some spots. We hiked back down the hill and then followed the road west as far as we could until we hit a large creek that had flooded the road. Without having any rubber boots we decided to turn around and come back here on a follow up trip.

It was about 3 pm now and we headed back with the son to his house as he was going out with the family for a Christmas parade later. After arriving back at the house the son took us one other place. I will mention here that the houses septic
system was broken and the air near the southwest side of the house had a foul septic smell. I wondered if this smell
would interest a Sasquatch animal? Also, there was a mound of cat litter.

We walked to the southwest behind the house in a open woods area. The ground here was covered in thick leaves and pine nettles. There would be no way to find a track in this area. Most of the trees had lost their leaves and it was easy to see far into the forest 2,000 or more feet ahead. We found another stream with water one feet deep that went about 60 feet until disappearing back under ground.

TBRC Investigator placed a game camera on a tree by a bait bag about 30 yards from the house. We headed back to the house as the sun was going down. Now about 3:30 to 4 p.m.
TBRC Investigator went ahead and placed another game camera by the area that we found the feathers earlier and hung 2 bait bags from trees. I got together my gear and waited for TBRC Investigator.

We then took my truck and drove up the road to Red Hill. We parked and looked around. Nothing unusual. We then drove down a road that went NW. We stopped about 40 yards from
the hill top and placed a game camera, but no bait. We then went back to the hill top and set up chairs and audio equipment for the evening.

The temperature during the day was in the 60's but at dusk it was moving down into the upper 30s. We sat and listened for about 3 or more hours. The only thing we heard were the
dogs occasionally at the residence and a pumping station or some factory to the northeast. We could also hear traffic from a nearby highway. We heard vehicle sounds from time to time
when a car or large truck would drive along it.

Around 8 pm we decided to take a walk down the road to the west where we placed the game camera. There had been no shots taken so we gathered the camera. I shot video of us from time to time. As we approached the truck we heard a voice over the radio. It was the TBRC Investigator who made initial contact with the witness. We had forgotten to turn on our radios and accidentally had one come on in the truck. I got on my Garmin Rino 120 and called him back and he found right where we were. Next thing you know here he
comes up the hill in his truck. The Rinos are a great finding tool. We sat and talked with him for about an hour. Then the son and a friend came up the hill and invited us down for some chili. By now we were very cold. So we all went down for some dinner. We had a nice meeting with the family and after about a hour said our thanks and good byes and went
out to gather the other two game cameras. They had captured nothing. We heard a loud, low moan as we were
packing the truck, but were not sure of its origin or source. It
sounded somewhat like a cow. We then headed back to Dallas. We will plan another trip soon if anything happens.

Gear used in the field:

3rd Gen. Night Owl Night Vision
SONY Night Shot Digital 8 video camera
SONY 3 chip Mini DV Camera
SONY Night Shot Digital still camera
Mini Disc audio recorder
Cassette tape audio recorder
FRS radios
GMRS/FRS radios
Garmin Rino 120 GPS
Audiovox GMRS/GPS

Follow up to this report:
TBRC Investigator talked with the mother on Sunday December 7, 2003.
She mentioned that vocalizations were heard from the hill top area that Dec. 6 evening around 1 am. TBRC
Investigator talked with the mother on December 9. She said the same thing happened Dec. 10. There were no sounds heard Dec. 11 or 12 as of yet. TBRC Investigator spoke with her at 8 pm that evening. TBRC Investigator asked if it would be okay to come back down to the area the weekend of Dec. 20 and she said that would be fine. TBRC Investigators will plan to make a 2 to day stay that weekend.

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