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Report # 747  (Class B)
Submitted on Friday, March 3, 2000.
1. loud vocalization sounds woke sleeping couple. 2. family dog found injured
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YEAR: 1998 & 1999


MONTH: October

STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Volusia County



OBSERVED: The first incident happened in the Fall of 1998. The witnesses were sleeping, around 10 PM, when they were awakened by 2 loud vocalizations. The first was more of a loud growl, the second started low and progressed to higher pitches and sounded like a scream. The witnesses related that it sounded as if what ever made the sounds was standing in the room with them, it was so loud. They said you could feel it. The husband got up to investigate but found nothing. He said that his 2 dogs were very scared, they would not move from where they were laying in the house. The husband stated that " I couldn't have pryed them off the floor with a spatula." The second incident occured in October of 1999. The wife let their dogs out that morning. The dog involved did not return as she usually does, so the wife went out to look for her. At the bottom of the front steps she found the dog bleeding from the stomach area. The wife took the mixed breed dog to the vet. The vet stated that the dog had been hit by something big, such as a car or something. The witnesses said that this dog never went to the street, which was approx. 200 yards from the house. The dog weighed approx. 25 pounds. The injuries included massive internal injuries and a 1 1/2 inch cut on her stomach.The vet said it was a puncture wound of some sort and also the dog's rib was broken. Unfortunetly, the dog died. The witness believes that the dog walked up on a Bigfoot and was kicked by the creature. The cut on her stomach could have been where it's toenail had cut her.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2, the husband and wife.

OTHER STORIES: Several co-workers of the husband have related incidents involving something resembling Bigfoot.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 1998 incident occured around 10 PM. 1999 incident occured around 7 AM

ENVIRONMENT: Witness owns 13 acres, mostly heavily wooded. Consists of Pine, Oak, Maple, and Palm trees with heavy undergrowth. Area is interspread with swamps. The witnesses property backs up to a hunting camp which then backs up to thousands of Management Area acres.

Follow-up investigation report:

BFRO co-investigator, Dave Sidoti

NOTE: On Friday, March 17, 2000, the witness called with an incident that occurred during Bike Week, on Wednesday,
March 8, 2000, with some friends and himself.

The group was sitting around the fire pit on the north east corner of the property when they heardsomething large moving through the woods. The fire was large and bright. They saw the reflection of one eye. The reflection was red, and the "eye" was approx. 1 1/2 inches around. The creature (from position of eye) was on their side of the creek (runs along the north side of property) then crossed over the creek and walked around east of them. It then came back towards them. It made loud noises moving through the woods; snapped branches, etc. The eye was 6 1/2 to 7 feet off the ground. The witness stated that the eye was too big in diameter to belong to an owl. No footprints were found.

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