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Report # 7234  (Class A)
Submitted by witness No on Monday, October 27, 2003.
Daylight sighting by two sisters near their farm in the early 1960s
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YEAR: 1961


STATE: Arkansas

COUNTY: Lee County


OBSERVED: The year was 1964, this was in Lee County Arkansas, we lived on 164 acre farm at the time .I was 11 years old, I was playing outside in the front yard about 2 in the afternoon, I looked up and seen something walking up the road ,It was very tall and had long wavy hair, and it was going from side too side looking in the ditches as if it was searching for something, I screamed for my mom too come and look, She and my older sister came out, They jumped in the car too drive and get a closer look, but it ran into the woods. at that time there was several more sightings in the area.
The next Day my older brother came over and we found Large footsteps in the road.


OTHER STORIES: yes, I heard one of our neighbors was home alone , she hear the dogs barking and went too see what they was barking at and saw one Kicking the tires on an old car in her yard.



Follow-up investigation report:

Spoke to the witness on 12/30/04 whom will be referred to as V. She was playing outside and looked up to notice an animal walking along a dirt road near their farm. She described it as tall, walking slightly stooped over with dark, shiny, wavy hair. The animal appeared to be searching for something in a ditch. She screamed for her mother and sister who came running to see it. Her brother came the next day and they found large footprints which she described as twice as large as a man's.

V was approximately 11 years old when this happened and advised me that it would be helpful to speak to her older sister who was about 14 years old at the time and may recall more as she also saw it. I contacted V's sister immediately after I finished speaking to V.

J. repeated the story as her sister did and had this to add:
The actual year would have been 1961-1962 some time between fall and spring. She remembers as their father had recently passed away in the fall of 1961 and the sighting occurred shortly after his passing.

J. was sitting on the front porch when she heard her sister screaming and looked up to see an animal walking along the road. The girls' mother walked out and saw it as well. J. said she felt more curious than frightened. She grabbed a rifle that they had for protection and jumped into the car with her mother. They drove towards the animal and J. said she saw that it had reddish-brown, shiny, wavy hair and estimates the animal to have been approximately 8 feet tall. J. stated they were about 1/8 mile away from it when it appeared to notice them and ran beneath a bridge at which time they lost sight of it. Woods were behind the bridge, into which she believes the animal ran. J. described it as it was walking and running as slightly bent over with "big, long strides."

J. went on to add that they heard first hand of other sightings by people in the area over a three month time period. At one point, the sheriff went looking for it on horseback accompanied by two men that worked for the Memphis Press Scimitar. They never found anything, however.

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