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Report # 7220  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, October 26, 2003.
A man relates a series of occurrences on the family farm involving an upright walking hair covered creature
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YEAR: 1978 thru 1982

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: November


COUNTY: Washington County

LOCATION DETAILS: Between Whipple and Lower Salem, Ohio.



OBSERVED: I would like to share with you what I saw as a boy. I saw a Bigfoot standing over our burn barrel. I remember being very young when this happened. But I have never forgot what I saw. It was strong and tall but not real tall. Maybe six foot ten to seven feet tall. It had a smell to him I will never forget. I knew he was still there down in the hollow where I was raised as a child. When we would cut firewood in the saw mill he would make us feel weird like he didn't want us there. My mom would say start the truck and don't stop until we get to the top of the ridge. We found footprints one winter that were very wide at the heel and very large in size like 17-20 inches long. I hope someone hears what I have to say. I would love to talk to someone about this. I know he is still there! It's a perfect place for him to live with so much forest and hills.

ALSO NOTICED: A lot of strange things that could be related.

OTHER WITNESSES: My three brothers that lived on the farm with me.

OTHER STORIES: My uncle saw a 55 gallon drum that was tossed across a lake at a drilling site. They could never figure out who or what tossed it there.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Night time around 11PM. It was a half moon out and it was very cool out.

ENVIRONMENT: All woods, hollows, and hills.

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness was very enthused to be able to talk to someone about these incidents that occurred in and around his family property. He added that his brother was chased across a field one night by something on two legs and dark in color. It seems that there has been a long history of activity around this very remote area. His family still owns the property. His mother is going to e-mail me some more information.

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