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Report # 7215  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, October 26, 2003.
Young men have encounter in wooded area while camping
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YEAR: 2003

SEASON: Summer



STATE: Tennessee

COUNTY: Anderson County

LOCATION DETAILS: clinton, TN, Right off of 25 W, the subdivision Spring Hill Acres, at the very end of the subdivision, back in the woods, there are woods for like over 1000 acres.



OBSERVED: Well, me blake and richie were camping out back in the woods. When we heard a terrible moan. Then we heard it moan again, and we heard it begin to run towards us on two feet. We jumped back from the fire and turned on the lights on the truck. As the lights shined down the hollow that night, I saw something I hope to never see again. It was around 6 feet tall, long arms, and dark hair covered its body. We were about 20 yards from it. I looked at it for about 10 more seconds before we jumped in the truck and drove off as fast as we could. I can assure you that this is no hoax. Promise to God.

ALSO NOTICED: We heard the same moan again about a month later, but we did not witness it this time.

OTHER WITNESSES: 3, we were all riding 4 wheelers, then we started to roast some hot dogs, and that is when it happened.

OTHER STORIES: Yes, we have heard many stories of something poeple have almost seen but never actually saw,

TIME AND CONDITIONS: About 11:00 night, clear skies, no wind.

ENVIRONMENT: It was pretty much a pine forest, we saw it on the dam of a pond, right below a mountain ridge, the Appalachian Mountain chain.

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke to one of the witnesses and his mother about the incident. I found him to be credible and found his mother to be supportive of him and credible as well.

The witness and two others were “down at the pond” in the woods about one mile from the witness’s house. The young men were camping and enjoying the great outdoors that Tennessee has to offer. It was a clear night, and the young men were preparing hot dogs. One of the witnesses had driven his truck to the campsite and had parked it “on the ridge.”

The witness stated that a very loud, “moaning yell” resonated through the woods and the young men were immediately overcome with fear. Shortly thereafter (a few seconds perhaps), the same yell was heard again. This time, however, the yell was followed by the sounds of fast approaching bipedal footsteps. The witnesses were shocked and quickly ran to the truck. They turned on the vehicle’s headlights and illuminated the hollow below. There, to the witnesses’ amazement, about twenty yards away, was a “hairy thing” standing approximately six feet in height. The only other details the witness was able to provide indicated “long arms” and “dark hair.” The witness said that he was so frightened that he recalls no facial details whatsoever. He said he is absolutely certain that “no human in a costume” was there that night, and that it was certainly no animal with which he or his companions were remotely familiar. The young men hurriedly left the campsite and the creature behind.

I also spoke to the witness’s mother who described the event from her perspective. She said that the witnesses rushed into the house in near panic-stricken state and that their faces “were white as snow.” The mother believed the young men and soon (on a later date) she experienced the same sound coming from the woods. She said that whatever the witnesses saw that night “scared the wits out of them.” Further, she added that now she and “the boys”, who are “big boys over six feet tall,” are afraid to go into the woods – period.

As I am able to speak to the other witnesses, I will also add their testimony to this report.

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