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Report # 72111  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Katie Lansing on Sunday, January 16, 2022.
Possible sasquatch vocals heard by hikers in Humboldt Redwoods State Park
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YEAR: 2022

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

DATE: 16

STATE: California

COUNTY: Humboldt County

LOCATION DETAILS: From the south, drive 51 miles north of Leggett on Highway 101 to exit 667 in Redcrest. Turn right at the bottom of the offramp and make an immediate left up Avenue of the Giants. Drive 4.25 miles north to the trailhead.

Trailhead address: 30780 Avenue of the Giants, Humboldt Redwoods State Park, Pepperwood, CA 95565
Trailhead coordinates: 40.44307, -123.98633 (40į 26'
35.05"N 123į 59" 10.78" W)


NEAREST ROAD: 101 south

OBSERVED: Weíve been hiking a local trail in Redcrest, CA for the last 19 years called the Drury-Cheney trail. This is a trail that we hike regularly; Iím talking like 3-4x a week. Itís always a family affair me (30 years old), my son (2), my mom and dad (50ís).

In the summer we hike the trail nearly everyday. Weíve never, ever gotten the creeps in those woods. The last two hikes have really changed that. After todayís hike has me thinking that we may not ever go back, Iím not sure. We were hiking along, gabbing and visiting. It takes us quiet awhile to finish up an otherwise quick trail because my son (whoís two) really sets the pace. We were nearly done, on our way out when a loud....and Iím talking loud....yell/scream/guteral screetch echoed through the woods.

My family and I have grown up in the Redwoods, weíve heard everything that nature has to offer in the way of animal sounds. It wasnít a raven, a fox, a bear, a lion, a deer bleet, a chipmunk, or a hawk. It was sounded like a human, but the fact that it traveled through the woods so clearly and loud really shook all of us. Todayís sound was nothing weíve ever heard before. It was LOUD and defined.

It was just far enough in the distance for whatever it was to get its point across without making us petrified. It stopped my mother, me and my son in our tracks. There was no doubt that we all heard the same thing. My dad was talking and didnít hear it this time, but my dads hard of hearing and doesnít hear the best at certain tones. When we told him what we heard, he said he knew exactly what we were talking about because it happened last time he hiked the trail with my mom.

We all got the feeling that we were being watched and that feeling didnít go away until we started driving off. When we got back home my dad shared that heís heard that sound before and heard it the last hike before . For that particular hike, he took with my mom only. My dad said he hadnít said anything before because he didnít know what it could be and didnít want to scare us. He said that through the the last few hikes he could feel that we were being watched, hearing things move in the brush and feeling like something was wrong the last few hikes.

I donít know it could be exactly. Weíre no stranger to Bigfoot stories here in the PNW, but this time was a strange one for sure.

OTHER WITNESSES: 4 witnesses total.

We walking along a well established trail, talking and visiting.


ENVIRONMENT: Redwood forest

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