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Report # 7181  (Class B)
Submitted by witness R. H. on Saturday, October 25, 2003.
Two bikers hear strange sound near "Lost Nation"
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YEAR: 2003

SEASON: Spring


STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Hillsdale County

LOCATION DETAILS: About 5 miles south of M34 on Pittsford road..I think...te parking spot for the trail is at the top of a large hill on the left side of the road, there is a trail leading to a lake right off the parking spot...but the trail leading to the area in question is across the road and about 200 yards south, at the bottom of the hill. Take the trail all the way up the hill...roughly 1 to 2 miles will round a corner by an open area and enter a heavily wooded area...from this spot on, I always feel watched and like someone is there.



OBSERVED: We were mountain biking through "Lost Nation", state land that is open to most outdoor activity. The land is hilly and fairly heavily wooded, has a river run through it, and covers a large expanse of land, so there are many remote areas inaccessible to most casual adventurers. We were riding up the hill leading into the deeper part of the trail, when we stopped to rest, just as we stopped we heard a deep growling kind of sound that was so loud, you could kind of feel it even though the sound came from a good distance away. My friend and I were at a loss to be able to explain the was as if something was letting us know it was there...but we never saw anything. After a couple of minutes, the loud "growl" was heard again...just about as close as the first time. My buddy and I just joked it off as being "bigfoot", but I have lived near that area almost all my life, and I heard stories of people seeing something strange out there since I was a small kid...I am now 38 years old.

Also, when I was a kid, a group of us came around a corner near my house when we saw what we thought was a bear..we only got a small glimpse of the "animal", and I was probably 10 or 11 at the I don't have too vivid a memory about the encounter, but there were 4 or 5 of us in the car, and at least 2 of us were adults and we all agreed that we had seen something.

I have ridden the trail several times since the day of the strange sounds, and I always get the feeling of being watched, if I am by myself, I either won't ride that section of trail, or I won't stop at all for the entire 5+ mile section...and I am always looking over my shoulder and all about...the whole area just gives me a weird feeling, and it is so thick in spots that there are several places that something could hide out in...we had even talked about how easy it would be to go in and camp and never see anybody. I wouldn't even think about staying overnight there now.

The area is located in Pitssford Michigan, a little town between Hudson and Hillsdale, the county is either Lenawee or Hillsdale...the area in question is about 5 miles from M34, I'm not sure of the name of the side road it's located on.

OTHER WITNESSES: two of us...we had just topped the hill and were still in the open field like area...the sound came from the east of us...towards the road...but we were probably a mile away from the road if you went straight through the woods...the first part of the trail heads mainly WNW until the opening and then starts to wander.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Early evening...around 6:00 or so, I am guessing at the time, but we had about 2 hours of daylight left at the time of the encounter. The weather was clear and the lighting conditions were good even in the deeper areas of the woods.

ENVIRONMENT: Entering the deeply wooded area just past the open field...woods are mostly hardwood...there is a river that meanders through the whole area, and the trail crosses and runs beside it at a couple of spots. There are also a couple of ponds and lakes in the area.

A & G References: Michigan Page 23, grid 5-B approximate

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with the witness by phone. On questioning, the witness described it as a very low frequency sound that could be "felt" as well as heard. He likened it to the sub-woofers that a lot of kids have in their cars, the ones you can hear/sense well before you ever hear the vehicle itself. The nature of the sound was similar to a chainsaw, except at the much lower pitch described.

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