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Report # 7085  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, October 12, 2003.
Three boys playing games witness a huge creature walking through their front yard
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YEAR: 1990

SEASON: Summer


COUNTY: Washington County

LOCATION DETAILS: It's roughly four miles from the four way stop in Barlow by the fairgrounds going towards Marietta.


NEAREST ROAD: State Route 550

OBSERVED: My two brothers, cousin, and I were out playing a little war game with our toy guns. We ranged from the ages of 8 to 14 me being the oldest. We divided up in teams of two, my brothers were on a team and were going to go hide to which me and my cousin would try and find them after giving them some time to hide. We heard them scream and we stood up and were kinda worried because we were on the opposite side of the house than them. So we got up to make sure they were all right, but they came around the house before we could get to far. They went on to tell us that they heard something really big running in the thick patch of woods. My brother was going into the thicket to hide. When he started in that's when he heard something take off running. The sun was about to disappear as night grew nearer and he was still spooked from the noise he heard and refused to go hide anymore. I just thought that it was probably a deer since our area is very populated with them. So we got off the porch and was walking around the corner of the house when I looked up towards the road. Now to give you a brief description of the terrain. From where the thicket ends there is about 20 yards of short mowed grass which meets up with State Route 550 then on the other side of the road it slopes down fairly sharp and then into a cornfield. As it was striding across the road is where I saw it. It's arms were swaying back and forth and I remember the hair hanging from its arms. The body was very thick, thicker than any human body I've ever seen. The head looked like it ended in a point rather than a rounded head like a humans. It seemed to run in slow motion as I stood there in amazement. It went over the bank when it got to the other side of the road. We jumped up onto the porch and went inside to tell my dad. He just laughed at us and so have most people that I have told this to since then. I can still see that image in my head as if it just happened.

OTHER WITNESSES: There were three of us that saw it, my younger brother did not see it. We were all walking together around the house.

OTHER STORIES: I talked with a family that live in Athens County that saw one and say that they have heard some strange and unusual calls and barks in the woods behind their house. This was seven years ago since I last talked to them so I dont know if they still experience this or not.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was just before sunset.

ENVIRONMENT: It was a warm summer night. It was in a really thick wooded area then crossed the road where we last saw it go down the bank into a corn field.

Follow-up investigation report:

Talking with the witness he added the creature was 35 to 40 yards away from them when he saw it. The estimated height was close to seven feet tall and the creature was very dark in color. It walked like a person but with an exaggerated arm swing. He checks the property out regularly but has never seen anything else again.

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