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Report # 703  (Class B)
Submitted by witness C. W. on Wednesday, February 2, 2000.
Loud vocalizations heard on logging road 15 miles west of Yamhill
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YEAR: 1984

SEASON: Spring


STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Yamhill County

LOCATION DETAILS: Logging roads north west of Yamhill, OR, about 15 miles.



OBSERVED: It was May 1984. Two friends and I were up in the hills nw of Yamhill, OR, late in the evening, around 10:30 pm. We heard the scream, a VERY low, very long howl. Not a coyote, bear or cougar. Have heard all of them before. This was nothing like anything I have ever heard. I still remember thinking to myself "How in the hell can something make such a low howl." It scared us at first, but is sounded like it was far away, like maybe a mile or so. We were drinking a little beer, so after awhile we relaxed and forgot about it. It must have been about a half hour later when we heard it again. I swear that it had to be within 30 yards of us. Same loud, low howl, but MUCH closer. And it sounded pissed. I could feel the sound vibrations bouncing off the back of my neck. The hair stood up on the back of all of our necks. All of us turned white as hell, and our jaws dropped past our knees. The howl seemed to say "GET OUT!" Which is EXACTLY what we did. I just looked at the two other guys and said "lets get the @#$ outta here ". We did not see anything, but felt the presence. I grew up within 10 miles of that spot. I had never heard that sound before, or since, EXCEPT on a television show that had a report of a bigfoot sighting. A guy in Idaho caught one on video (at least it looked like one), but when I saw the video, I heard that scream again. The guy taking the video threw the camera in the ditch, and hid. It was the SAME scream. ONLY other time that I have EVER heard it. It was EXACTLY the same scream. I saw this video on a news show, something like "Real TV" while in Fairfax, VA, in 1992 or 1993. I do not know EXACTLY what it is that we heard, but I know what I think it was. Bigfoot. That is my story, and I have two wittnesses to back me up.

ALSO NOTICED: Not sure. It took me a full 5 years to be able to go back up there while it was dark. Still kind of freaks me out when I think of it.

OTHER WITNESSES: There were two other wittness' other than me. Both men who I grew up with, and attended school with.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: I know that it was May of 1984 because it was the only time that my best friend, and I were home on leave from the navy at the same time.

ENVIRONMENT: Gravel logging road. Very dense fir forests. BLM land. Coast range mountains. Altitude 700 - 1000 foot. Unable to describe landmarks as it was dark.

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