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Report # 699  (Class A)
Submitted by witness David H. ( on Saturday, February 12, 2000.
Sighting by elk hunters near White River drainage
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YEAR: 1984


MONTH: November

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Wasco County

LOCATION DETAILS: About 15 miles west of Tygh Valley on forest access road.



OBSERVED: observed unknown creature walking rapidly as my son was appox. 200 yards behind. Observed creature for several minutes about 100 yards away. Fits general describtion of bigfoot except was appox. 5 ft 6 in to 6 ft. tall. Large barrel chest, long arms, long strides, hairy- dark brown in color

OTHER WITNESSES: My son and I were elk hunting, he did not see it. But the creature was walking away from his direction and moving south east.

ENVIRONMENT: Mountianous area timber canyons with open hillside. Observed unknown creature walking along the open hillside area, while elk hunting. Elevation about 2500 ft. temp. 20 below about foot of snow on the ground.

Follow-up investigation report:

Talked to the witness at length. A retired project engineer from Portland now living in Roseburg. Articulate, knew the area of the sighting very well and the details of his description match my knowledge of the area. He got a pretty long look, he says. His son flushed the animal from its hiding place while elk hunting on a cold November day in the White River drainage, a tributary of the Deschutes River. Witness was watching his grown son from a distance as he was traversing a steep open hillside as part of their elk hunt. His son did not see the animal he flushed as he was moving the other way from the animal's subsequent motion. The witness states that his son was near enough to use as a size comparison. He insists that the animal he saw walked upright but was shorter than his 6-foot tall son, and he estimates that the animal he saw was 5'6'' in height, but it otherwise was identical to 'Patty' in the PGF which he had seen subsequently on calbe TV shows. The animal he saw took long strides (much longer than human), and walked with a stooped-over posture, bent knee gait that was very atypical of humans. Assuming he is correct about height, one might suppose he saw a juvenile sasquatch. He saw only the one animal, and no sights or sounds to suggest that there were others in the vicinity. No details he observed suggested gender of the animal. He was holding a rifle with a scope attached and during the minute or so that he watched the animal walk quickly away, he was so overcome with stunned disbelief that he did not think to raise his rifle and look through his scope, much less consider firing his rifle. Case in point for why hunters do not shoot sasquatches.

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