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Report # 69316  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Clint Dysart on Friday, June 11, 2021.
Possible sasquatch howls heard around 3:30am by resident 6 miles NW of Chillicothe
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YEAR: 2021

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 11

STATE: Missouri

COUNTY: Livingston County

LOCATION DETAILS: Address from where howls were heard:
6729 HWY 190 Chillicothe MO 64601
Howls were coming from 1-2 miles south west of that adress.
Coordinates 39.83808455839538, -93.651295780673

NEAREST TOWN: Chillicothe

NEAREST ROAD: Highway 190

OBSERVED: I was letting my dogs out to go to the bathroom before I left for work. It was 3:30A.M. I drive an hour to work and get there by 5 so thatís why I was up so early.

All was quite and peaceful. Heard a owl off in a tree line. Then about 5 minutes later I heard off in the distance something I had never heard before. I hear coyotes all the time. Iíve heard a bobcat screaming before, but this was far different. It sounded like it was quite always off whatever it was, but sounded very big and deep.

The only way I can think to explain the noise was like a big burley man yelling AWWWWWWWW for about 5-10 seconds long. Then nothing else. It caused a neighbor dog down the road to start barking but didnít seem to phase my dogs.

The direction that the noise came from is about 2-3 miles of a combination of timber and farm land, then becomes a big river bottoms and the grand river.

I donít think whatever made the noise was 2-3 miles away, maybe a mile. I have never heard anything like that before in my life and Iíve been a outdoors guy my whole life. Iíve watched different Bigfoot shows hear vocalizations on them and thatís the closest thing I can think of that this sounded like. However I feel like recorded things on TV doesnít give you the same feel of the power this thing seemed to have, it sent chills down my spine. If it would of been closer I definitely would of gone inside for a gun.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 3:30A.M. This morning it was calm, no real breeze and clear sky.

ENVIRONMENT: Timber/ hilly/farm ground(cattle and row crop)

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