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Report # 6900  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, September 16, 2003.
Ongoing accounts with a screaming ape-like creature
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YEAR: 2001


MONTH: November


COUNTY: Columbiana County

LOCATION DETAILS: Off of State Route 7 (the rest omitted).


NEAREST ROAD: Pine Hollow Road

OBSERVED: Well, I'll start out telling you that my aunt has always heard some type of screaming in the late night to early morning hours. She always has said I know that it is Bigfoot. The next incident was at night time. My uncle which does not believe in anything unless he sees it went out one night in April to sit up in a deer stand to watch the deer that travel trough the fields behind his house. My uncle came running in the house and he was as white as a ghost. He said, "I just seen a Bigfoot." He said that when he was looking at the creature the creature looked right back at him as if he was scared of my uncle and not sure of what my uncle (being in the tree) was. My uncle said that the creature was about eight feet tall and when it walked it too huge steps. It would have taken my uncle four steps of his own to equal one of the creatures. When the creature looked at him he swayed back and fourth moving the top half of his body as his hands were placed on his knees.

ALSO NOTICED: My aunt and I have heard something or someone screaming on multiple occasions. It does not sound human in anyway.

OTHER WITNESSES: Three total for the vocalizations.

OTHER STORIES: Along time ago there was a sighting at the Rogers Sale which is a really big Flea Market. The witness's said that they had seen an ape-man eating out of a dumpster that was placed near a wooded area.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was a full moon out, the field was lit up, and it was a little chilly out. The beginning of spring.

ENVIRONMENT: It is an all wooded area with a big field to one side out in the country.

Follow-up investigation report:

I talked with the witness's niece who submitted the report because her aunt and uncle's home does not have a telephone. They live in an old trailer park where they're the only ones there. The other trailers are abandoned with no occupants. The trailer park is surrounded by forest. The young boy who lives in the trailer claims he saw a very large hand on his window one night. He wouldn't sleep in the room for a week after the incident. The vocalizations happen quite often and even recently. She compared them to one of the recordings on the Internet. Her aunt has always been adamant that the sounds were bigfoot related where the uncle was more reserved since he never saw what made the sounds. When he had the sighting from the tree-stand his mind changed completely. We will be setting up an in-person interview with the aunt and uncle very soon.

On 1/24/04 a personal interview was conducted with the two principle persons involved with the events around the property and the person originally submitting the report, with a number of other family members in attendance. The witnesses presented themselves during the interview and a subsequent walkthrough at the location. They related a series of events in and around the property, of particular note are the two events mentioned in the narrative of the report. A few time related inaccuracies were cleared up during the interview and I attribute those to the fact that the initial report was submitted second hand. One event occurred in early June of 2001 at approximately 4:45 in the morning. The female in the household had let the family dog and cat outside in preparation for leaving for work. As she opened the door to leave, both the cat and dog came scurrying back into the home, which was odd as it was usually a struggle to get them inside before she left. As she stepped out onto the porch something began a vocalization from below the house, on the other side of the road in the ravine at a distance of approximately 20 yards. The witness described the cry as a woman screaming going up in pitch and then down. The sound was so remarkable that after listening to it for a few minutes, she went back in the home and woke her husband. Her husband joined her on the porch and they listened to the scream for about another minute or so, when he told her to run to the car and leave quickly for work. He said the scream he heard went on for 40 seconds nonstop, was high pitched and variable. He remarked that that the volume increased throughout the scream and was incredibly loud at the end. His analogy to the sound was like that of two Tasmanian devils fighting, but higher pitched. The wife stated the screaming incident lasted for approximately five minutes.
The second event was a sighting of a Bigfoot like creature. As related above, the husband was watching for deer from his tree stand the following fall, probably in mid November 2001 based upon the interview. The witness had been in his tree stand, that is in a small grove of five to six trees spaced about two to three feet apart. He at first thought he was seeing a deer emerge from the tree line at the top of the hill as the first thing he saw was an orange eye shine from a single eye, he then saw both eyes as it proceeded over the knoll where it stopped. At this point the creature had broke from the cover of the tree line and was visible at a distance of about 60 yards from the light of the moon. It is my opinion that it must have spotted or sensed him at this point because it stopped, crouched and began to sway from side to side as if trying to get a view of him around the tree, the witness is adamant that with his dark clothes, the lack of light and the fact that he was up against the tree it was nearly impossible to know he was there. He said it then stood up, took four gliding like steps, extremely fast, and then went into the crouch again and began the side to side bobbing motion looking right at the tree stand, at this point the witness concluded that it somehow knew he was there. The move that the creature made was toward the tree stand but at an angle of about 45 degrees which started to cut off his route of retreat back to the house. At this point, the witness quickly left the tree stand and ran to the house. One of the sons present at the interview remembered the incident saying his dad does not scare, but that he came running into the house scared like a little kid. The witness estimates he viewed the creature for two to three minutes and that he did not recollect any sound or smell during the event. As we have now met and interviewed the witnesses first hand and found the story reliable, this report should be upgraded to a class A report.

** Would like to thank S.P. of Ohio for his assistance during this follow up investigation **

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