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Report # 6875  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, September 11, 2003.
Eight year old has night time encounter at grandparents' home near Woodstock
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YEAR: 1993


MONTH: November

DATE: Unknown

STATE: Maryland

COUNTY: Baltimore County

NEAREST TOWN: Woodstock- 2 miles, Woodlawn 4 miles,Baltimore, 7miles.

NEAREST ROAD: Wrights Mill Road

OBSERVED: I was a frequent visitor to my grandparents since I was born in 1985. When i was 8, on a walk down to the baseball diamond one night, i heard a stirring in the woods. Figuring it to be maybe a hunter (I was ignorant of hunting seasons at the time- so I could not rule that out), I turned around to head towards the woody hillside along the driveway to greet the hunter, or to threaten him off the property (my grandfather allowed certain people to hunt deer when in season) from a safe distance. however, instead of seeing a person with reflective gear, I saw a large, tall shadowy figure with odd eyes- its eyes glowed red, probably from a reflection or something... it slowly backed away though, and headed up the hillside.
Scared, i ran back to my grandparents home and told my folks i saw something- (they told me it was a fox, but i know from wat i saw that is impossible) They all laughed it off. But on the way going back down the driveway, my folks stopped because one dropped something in the car. while our car was temporarily not moving, I curiously looked out the window and over toward the hillside, and i could make out the shadow and the eyes.
I was 8 at the time, but I was rather intelligent for a kid- I knew what a deer looked like, what a fox looked like.
Since that time in 1993, Ive heard sounds and reports of similar activity. Ive also noticed the occasional long shadowy figures and eyes, but from a safer distance (and from my car!) and long after i started to get used to the things.

ALSO NOTICED: ive heard odd sounds out there- and seen the same basic figure and eyes every now and then, but im reassured that its just one of the wild animals out there.

OTHER WITNESSES: i was the only one

OTHER STORIES: yes- according to the maryland bigfoot digest, several dozen were reported around wat was Daniels, Ellicott City, Granite, Woodstock, Sykesville and the Patapsco State park.
My family informed me that it is a common thing around here,along with black bears. 1967-1974, during massive development along the patapsco, according to my grandparents and my families various lifelong friends, dozens of sightings occured- a friend of my grandfather, however, started telling people about his- and was laughed at for it so badly, he refused to officially reportit. Bigfoot is not viewed as a menace or beast by many who claim to have seen it out here- its mainly former city residents who havent adapted to the rural setting. Supposedly sightings of the creatures dates back to before the establishment of towns like Sykesville.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: nighttime- i think it was a clear night.... around 8-9pm (thats when my family would leave my grandparents house)

ENVIRONMENT: the area along the driveway is lined with pine trees- up the steep hill on the right there are varied trees and vegetation- there are also junk cars out at the bottom of the hill & driveway--- at the top of the hill on the right side of the driveway, there was Shifflett Bros. or somethin like that auto parts... the whole property borders the patapsco state park, which is immediately west of the property.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Bill Scott:

After speaking to the witness, the best estimate of distance to the figure was between 30' and 80'. He described the terrain where he saw the figure as being uneven and steep. The witness thought that only a bipedal animal could have stood at that spot for the length of time that it was seen. He also described the figure as "shifting", not standing motionless.
Before the sighting the witness heard "low tones" in the area and could only describe it as sounding like something trying to communicate that couldn't quite speak words. He felt that the sounds he heard were related to the figure he saw. The witness also has heard the same sounds on other occasions while out on his grandparents' property at night.
The witness reports he has not noticed similar activity in the area for the past six or seven years and feels that what he saw is no longer in the area.

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