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Report # 667  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, January 17, 2000.
Witnesss saw a large, light reddish brown, hairy man standing in the road shielding it's eyes from the headlights of her car
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YEAR: 1980

SEASON: Summer

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Deschutes County

LOCATION DETAILS: There was a river on the Bend side of Sunriver at that time. It was by that river, on the highway.


NEAREST ROAD: Coming from Bend

OBSERVED: The thing that canvinced me to come forward with this information after all this time is that what I saw was light colored. Any one I told about it at the times made fun of me because they said they were all black. It was at night in the summer of 1980. My husband was a farm worker and got off work very late. The grocery store would stay open all night so once a month we went into the grocery store when he got off work. We were comming back from the store heading home and the three kids were asleep in the back seat and my husband was dosing off in the passinger seat. Because there had been so many deer out that year I was driving rather slowley incase one ran out in front of me. I saw what I thought at first was a deer come from the brush and trees on the left side of the road. I slowed way down for it to cross in fromt of me. It was not a deer though, it was a very large light redish brown very hairy man. When the car lights hit his eyes it made him blinded like it dose deer and he stopped in front of me and shielded his eyes. His eyes did not shine red, like the wild animals eyes do. His skin was a light brown or tan and he had like freckling on his hands and exposed areas around his eyes. I know he was male because I could see his male parts in the lights from the car. He was right there looking face to face with me. I stopped the car completely because I was afraid I would hit him. He got his berrings and turned a walked off the road. He did have a neck, but it was very short, the muscles in the top of his arms and shoulders were built up like a weight lifters and with the hair gave him the apearance of being humped built. I could see him through his hair, because the lights were shining right through it. I had what we called running lights on the car for me when I drove at night because I have trouble driving in the very dark nights so he was light up like a christmas tree. He was young and in good shape wih well developed muscles. Tall enough that his male parts were above the level of the ford hood when he reached his arms up. He also had a smell about him, a very strong smell. Like a man who has been hitchiking for a few weeks and a dog mixed together. The smell stayed in the car for a while. I had the road vents open. i also remember that he had head hair that was long that hung over his body hair and what seemed like beard hair on his face that started up under his eyes and covered his nose and left out only his mouth. His teeth were brown, his nose full and wide and his mouth had like full lips with the hair growing up over them. I have had other distance sitings in the Oregon woods, as when I was young I spent a lot of time there, but this was my only face to face. I just sat there in a amazement after he was gone. Then my husband waked up and asked why we were stopped. I tried to explain the whole experience, but I don,t think he ever did quite believe me.

ALSO NOTICED: Just that there were many fires that year and that there were a real lot of deer in that area. And I will never for get his smell.

OTHER WITNESSES: No every one else slept through it.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was mint harvest time. I was not over tired because I had taken a nap that afternoon for the trip. There was no moon out. It was very dark except in my big bright car lights.

ENVIRONMENT: It is forest there and in 1980 there were few houses there. The deer that year were everywhere the area was also pleged with fires. There were trees on both sides of the road, the forest here had not been burned.

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with the witness last night. The witness lives outside a very out of the way village in the south central desert/ranch country. Very wide open irrigated ranch country with patches of pine timber in the higher elevations. Very desolate. The witness has had two other sighting while ranching/herding cattle in timber.

2. The witness is aware of sightings last October in a nearby community.

3. The witness is of the feeling that they are occasional visitors to the ranch. Reasons to believe this include the fact that the witness hears very unusual and loud vocalizations in the distance at least a couple times a year. Further, there have been nights, at widely spaced intervals, when "something is out there" as evidenced by the dog hiding under the bed in an uncharacteristic manner, and the house being subsequently filled with a strong stench that hangs around until morning before dissipating. After these evenings, she has sometimes noticed disturbed items in some outbuildings and some missing canned goods. The witness has found reddish-brown hair on some occasions, which were not saved.

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