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Report # 6235  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, April 26, 2003.
Biology teacher's experiences around "the 1893 Bridge."
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YEAR: 1975


STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Cooke County

NEAREST TOWN: Callisburg


OBSERVED: I feel stupid doing this but my teacher told us in class the other day about his bigfoot experiences. I don't want to attempt to tell the whole story but you people should really talk to him. I respect him alot and he told us that he has encountered a "creature" at least 6 times in his life time in or near the vicinity of a bridge called the "1893 bridge" in Cooke County, Texas. It's located north east of Callisburg on Survey Road. He told us that they have seen it in the light of their headlights. He said it stood at least 8 maybe 9 foot tall and that it could step over a fenceline. On one occasion he told us the creature was bouncing a limb up and down with its arms one night in the light of their headlights and they measured the height of the limb the next day and he said he couldn't even reach the limb. On several occasions there was more than one person in the vehicle with him. Several times he had people go with him during the day time to look for tracks and stuff and he said that they found bones in the bottom of this creek where they had seen the creature during the night time. He claims that his buddies have taken shots at the creature but it never had any effect (he didnt know if they hit it). I hope this can be of some use to you. This is all second hand but it is from a well respected man of the community who doesn't lie.I can find out exact details if you would like me too.

OTHER WITNESSES: 1-5 witnesses according to him on various occasions.

Follow-up investigation report:

During my investigation of this interesting report, I was able to interview the main witness, directly along with one of his "buddies." Both men corroborated the student's initial report and also were able to provide more details.

Although very long ago, both men remember encountering the creature several times near the "old 1893 bridge." Usually, the animal would make threatening noises and charge through brush and trees but never completely reveal itself to the young men. The teens did see a shadowy silhouette in the headlights that appeared to fit the general description of the creature commonly called bigfoot. The silhouette appeared very tall and large.

On one occasion, one of the young men discharged a shotgun toward the noises of the animal, which resulted in a tirade through the brush. The young men hurriedly left the scene and told a local law enforcement office about the encounter. Apparently, he did not believe them.

The main witness, a teacher, stands by his testimony even though he sometimes endures some ridicule from fellow teachers.

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