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Report # 58768  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, December 28, 2017.
Late night sightings by resident near two homes in the Macedonia area
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YEAR: 2017

SEASON: Summer

DATE: Summer

STATE: Arkansas

COUNTY: Conway County

LOCATION DETAILS: Right beside my house. I would say it had to have been running from across the road, it was just mouth dropping fast with no sound as it went by me and by time I got light to look down a cleared field area it was gone.

NEAREST TOWN: Hattieville

NEAREST ROAD: 213 Old Hickory Rd.

OBSERVED: My name is T.W. and I live in Arkansas. Before this happened I have never had any thing ever happen to me. This happened in September 2017 at about 11 pm. I am a night owl in the summer because its too hot during the day to do a lot. I had just came from inside my house and walked down steps, my truck was parked to my right and I was going to storage room. As I turned a little to go around the front of my truck something caught my side vision that made me turn my head. As I was turning my head this big human like figure was sprinting so fast It was like 2 seconds and it was gone. It had a dark undercoat and light colored on top hair. I have never in my life seen anything run so fast and what got me was it did not make a sound running past me. It was about 25 to 30 ft away in open area. If I had not caught the glimpse of it I would have never even known he went by me. I can see why they can be around and even around a person and not even know.

ALSO NOTICED: I was checking on my step Dad that lives across the road from me as I always do, just as I walked up on his porch I heard noise at other end as my flashlight was going up to that area I saw this dark figure move and this time I did hear it running. I only saw a dark brown figure move .

OTHER WITNESSES: Just myself. I was in disbelief what I had seen. But did tell my son and step Dad.

OTHER STORIES: People think you're crazy, no one talks about stuff like that. This is only the 3rd time I've told anyone . I've only told my son and my step Dad. There's been my dog and step Dad's dog and neighbors's dogs that came up missing all within a period of a month, and they were very big dogs at that. My sisters 400 lb pig, found it dead with big slashes all over it . This was all in a 10 year period. I'm sure if a person wouldn't be committed to the loony bin more would talk.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Night, but lighted very well from carport where my truck was. I saw it about 2 seconds beyond fast! It was a little humid.

ENVIRONMENT: All Forrest around me, waterfall and deep Forrest areas. I have a barn about 100 yards from house. It was running in a straight path so it would of been to left of barn .

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Tal H. Branco:

I discussed the report with this witness on four occasions by telephone for several hours. As a result, it was apparent that his brief submission did not adequately address the situation or issues involved in this case. The following details and clarifications should be noted:
- The animal that he first saw about 11 PM in September of 2017 was running, and passed within thirty feet of him. Both he and the animal were on a mowed section of the yard. The area was illuminated by flood lights on the parking garage and storage room section of the home.
- The animal was seen clearly for only about two seconds as it was running at an "unbelievable" speed.
- It ran nearly fully erect, taking very long strides, and its gait was smooth and appeared "effortless".
- It was described as being seven to eight feet tall, with massive shoulders, large torso, and with a head that was somewhat coned shaped at the top. T.W. said that as it ran, it was swinging its long arms alternately in wide arcs.
-The witness noted that the figure’s arms were noticeably longer in relation to its body than those of a humans.
-T.W. also stated that in the beams of the flood lights he could see that the hair closest to the animal’s body was about two inches long and dark colored, but the outer coat of hair was lighter colored. He also noted the hair on its head and side of the face was thinner than that on the body.
- The animal never turned its face toward him, so he did not see facial features or reflections from its eyes.
- As soon as the figure entered the darkness behind the home, T.W. tried to run after it with his flashlight but neither saw nor heard the figure.
- When asked, T.W. estimated the animal’s weight to be about 400 pounds. After doing so, he again reiterated his amazement about the fact that an animal that large could run by him at such close range and he could not hear the footfalls. He said the animal never made a vocal sound that he could hear, even after it disappeared from his sight.
T.W. mentioned that he routinely walked across the road to his stepfather’s house at night to check on him. On one occasion as he walked past one back corner of the house he heard a noise near the opposite corner. Before he could bring his flashlight up, he saw a dark brown figure running quickly and noisily into the nearby woods. He said there was no outside lighting that was turned on, so he could not provide any other description of the figure.

In one section of his report he very briefly mentioned the disappearance of dogs and the mutilation of a hog in the area. When asked about the hog incident he said that about ten years ago his sister, who lives in the area, obtained and reared a hog as a “pet”. The hog was kept in an outside pen from which it escaped at will, but never strayed from the immediate vicinity of the house or the outbuilding in which its primary food was kept. Table scraps were also routinely placed in the feed container inside the hog pen. Over time the hog attained a reported weight of about 400 pounds. One morning the hog could not be seen in the only areas it usually traveled. During a quick search of the property the hog was found dead and mutilated about 50 yards from its pen. The location of the hog was in a straight line from the pen toward a heavily forested mountain area containing deep ravines and waterfalls. The hog’s body showed “deep slashes all over it.” T.W. described the “slashes” as being at least one-half inch wide and at least one-half inch deep gouges. In addition, it was noted that the hog’s neck appeared to have been twisted to one side, and one front leg was broken, with the upper bone of that leg displaced at the shoulder joint.

From the time of the hog’s death to the time of this witness' sightings of the dark bipedal animals in 2017, he stated that at least five large dogs mysteriously disappeared from the general area. His German Sheppard, his stepfather’s German Sheppard, a relative’s Rottweiler and two other large dogs belonging to area residents disappeared at various intervals during that period. All the dogs were reported to be very protective of their respective owners, their families and their home sites.

As he wrote in his report, prior to his close encounter with the “big human like figure”, he was a total skeptic about such an animal’s existence. He stated his submission was primarily to alert others that such animals do in fact exist and stated that he now understands how the animals are able to evade humans.

The person submitting the initial report, T.K., is an unusually well trained observer and a credible witness. This witness served ten years in the U.S. Marines and was directly involved in the Desert Shield and Desert Storm operations. He later served as a deputy sheriff in both AR & MS, and received extensive training and certifications in many aspects of law enforcement, including criminal investigations.

After being told the extent and details of the events he briefly mentioned in his submission, and after investigating numerous cases of the unusual disappearance, injuries or death of livestock and pets in the rural parts of the southwest for many years, this investigator is reasonably certain that:

- The general area described in the report has had a population of enigmatic bipedal primates for a least several years.
-These animals forage for food near the homes in the area when natural food sources are scarce.
- If dogs of any size challenge them during these foraging forays, and do not retreat when approached, the dogs may be injured or killed.
- When dogs are killed by the enigmatic primates, the bodies may be carried away and thrown in inaccessible locations.
-The hog which was found dead and mutilated as described was not killed by any large predator known to exist in the area of the U.S. described in this report.

About BFRO Investigator Tal H. Branco:

Tal Branco is a lifelong resident of AR. He began hunting, fishing and tracking many years ago in south AR. Since he was a teenager, his outdoor activities have been primarily conducted in the Ouachita Mountains, although during the past forty years he has also conducted field investigations of reports of enigmatic and unclassified animals in the southeastern U.S. and in the Amazon Basin of Brazil.

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