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Report # 58445  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, October 30, 2017.
Camper has an unnerving night on October Mountain
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YEAR: 2016


MONTH: September

STATE: Massachusetts


LOCATION DETAILS: October Mountain State Forest in Massachusetts near my pond close to four corners on top of the mountains

NEAREST TOWN: Washington

NEAREST ROAD: Near Four Corners

OBSERVED: I was camping in Massachusetts on top of October Mountain by a pond through the evening something was throwing small rocks at my tent I smelled it foul smell like dead fish. Rocks coming on the opposite side about 50 yards away I heard wood knocking I had no idea what it was until I heard some noises a growling sound and some yells this was going on for about 25 minutes then I shined a flashlight Into the Woods, I do not see anything but after that the noises went away the next morning. I woke up I found some broken limbs near where the sounds were coming from.


OTHER WITNESSES: A friend of mine back in 97 had an experience up there camping



ENVIRONMENT: Evergreens some Pines spruces and hemlocks nearby Pond very thick brush to

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Tim Vogel:

Had long phone call with witness and talked about the number of experiences he's had while farming and hunting in this very remote area in Western Massachusetts. His sister's farm has had some interesting things happen, and his friend has had experiences out there as well. Over the years they have heard crazy weird screams, howls, loud wood knock sounds, whistling, chatter, and to top it off a rotten fishy odor.

While out camping one night, he thinks it or they were only 20 yards away from his tent site at some points of the night. He was camping on top of October Mountain by a pond, and while it was a beautiful night out he did not see anything. But through the evening something was throwing small rocks at his tent, which was pitched near the pond. Around 10:30 pm at that time he heard tree limbs breaking and constant movement around him. It was quite frightening. He said there was a nasty foul smell like rotting dead fish. So at that time he believed there is one, only twenty yards away, and one is on the opposite side of this small remote pond, this one about 50 yards away.

Then he hears wood knocking on two sides of him and had no idea what it was, until he heard some indescribable, loud screaming noises and thought there might be two creatures out there. One on either side of the pond.

There was a strange growling sound and some type of very loud howling, growling yells, this was going on for 30 minutes or so. At that point he shines a flashlight into the woods and doesn't see anything, but the cover in the area has a lot of thick brush, mixed with pine and deciduous trees, but mostly pine around his camp.

After the flashlight was shining through the woods across the pond, is when the noises seemed to stop and it was only then he fell asleep. It was going to be a long night. He woke the next morning, tired and scared, as would anyone out where he was. He was alone. After getting the courage to get out and walk around the area to see what he might find, he found some possible signs. He found some broken limbs near to where the sounds were coming from, only twenty yards away from where his tent was.

These limbs, more than a dozen were estimated he said at 4+ inches in diameter on green, living pine trees. The broken branches were also high off the ground 6 to 10 feet or so. This wasn't a moose because he would have heard the rack hitting the trees and that makes a very different sound.

Other than the small rocks thrown at his tent and broken limbs, he did not see any thing else so he left and got back home, which is only down to the bottom of the mountain and not to far from this experience.

He's had on occasion had something bothering his llamas down on the farm, as well as hearing distant howls while at the house. His friend has had experiences on the mountain too, and he is in the process of filling out a BFRO report.

The area mentioned is. and has been active for many years and I have a few current investigations going on at present in the area as well. It's a very remote and rugged area bordered by farms, rivers, creeks, and the Appalachian Trail.

We believe this area would be an above average area to allow a creature to move about without being seen. The abundance of food during the fall in this area is without a doubt plentiful this time of year.

About BFRO Investigator Tim Vogel:

Tim Vogel is the owner of Tekoa Mountain Outdoors, an outdoor, adventure education business. Located in Western Massachusetts.

I am a BFRO Northeast Investigator, has attended and taught tracking, casting, have provided demos on FLIRs for the following:
Co-Leading the BFRO Western MA 2018 and Connecticut 2018 Expeditions.
BFRO Western MA and Bridgewater Triangle area 2017 Expeditions.
Pennsylvania BFRO 2017, Vermont BFRO 2016, Western MA BFRO 2015, 2016.

A member of Team Squatchachusetts, and interested in Bigfoot since 1976 when something with big feet went through my family’s back yard one winter's day.

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