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Report # 57754  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, June 24, 2017.
Hunter in a pasture has twilight sighting through his rifle scope in Reklaw
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YEAR: 2014


MONTH: November

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Rusk County

LOCATION DETAILS: Angelina river bottom


NEAREST ROAD: Highway 84

OBSERVED: I was hunting in Reklaw in the Angelina river bottom. I was in a pasture with a .243 and a high power scope. It was about 45 minutes till dark and my feeder just went off there were some doe out to the right of the feeder about 100yards. I was watching them then out of the corner of my eyes I seen something walking on 2 feet I pulled my rifle up to look through the scope and seen it was big and brown. It had hair all over it, it was like nothing I have ever seen. It came out of some woods in the neighbors pasture and was walking towards me. It was about 7 feet tall and it looked to be about 500lbs it disappeared into the woods to the left of my neighbors pasture and I didn't see it again I know the people that hunt over there and they are all around 6 foot and no where as big as this was.

ALSO NOTICED: About a year later we were hog hunting and heard whistles it was me and my friend out. We heard a whistle and we whistled back it copied our exact whistle

OTHER WITNESSES: It was just me

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was about 45 minutes before dark in a pasture

ENVIRONMENT: It is mostly swampy river bottom with small batches of pine

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Bill and Sheila Tucker :

I spoke with witness, Mr. Paxton Moore regarding his report filed. He reported he has about 400 acres of hunting land. From his stand he can see all the way across an open field to a wooded area in his neighbors pasture. On this occasion he was watching some deer through his high power scope on his gun at about 100 yards away. He saw movement out of the corner of his eye and focused the scope on the creature he describes as about 400 yards away. As he watched, the creature walked from a wooded area in the neighbor's pasture and moved to his land. He states he only saw the creature for about 5 seconds as it crossed into a tree line and disappeared. Witness states he (witness) is 6’10” and this creature was much taller than him. He estimated his weight to be at least double his weight of 300 lbs. Witness described the creature as moving slow, but very long steps. Witness stated he first thought it could have been a man in a ghillie suit, but it had fur and a face. There should not have been any other hunters in the area. He knows all of the hunters on his neighbor’s property and none of them are even close to this size. There is another deer stand in that area. He used his scope to look in that stand later and there was no one in the stand. The two properties have a road between them. He looked for tire tracks when he left and there was none. He reported he and friend have been in this area since this incident and heard whistles.

When they would turn on a flashlight whistles would stop. They would turn off the flashlight and whistle. They heard a whistle in response to their whistle and sounding the same. He states this has happened more than once.

Since this incident happened in 2014 I asked witness why he was just now reporting. He said he was not aware of this website until just recently when he stumbled on it and filed the report.

About BFRO Investigator Bill and Sheila Tucker :

Bill - Grew up in East Texas and was raised in the outdoors by his father. Spent all free time hunting, fishing and camping. Attended the 2017 Kentucky BFRO expedition and has been involved in personal investigations for 5 years.

Sheila - Avid hunter, fisherwoman, hiker and camper. Attended 2017 Kentucky BFRO expedition.

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